I Chopped Off All Of My Hair

I chopped off all of my hair. All of it. Why you may ask? I’m not sure. I said I wanted something different, I said I wanted a release, I said I was tired of having to “deal” with my hair. Each one of these may be true, and none of them might. I might be going through something, but whatever. It’s gone, I’m bald.

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Taking Advantage of Sephora’s Curly Hair Campaign


YEEEEEEESSSSSSS SEPHORA! This is why Sephora will always have a special place in my heart you guys – they’ve created a buying guide for us curly and kinky haired girls out there ❤ Kudos to you! I mean, I’m probably still not forking over more than $10 a product (if that), so it is very unlikely I’ll be buying any of these recommended products, but it’s the thought that counts…right?

Anyway, I came across this browsing the site. Under the tabs at the top (Makeup, Skin Care, Fragrance, Nails, Hair, Tools and Brushes), there is a little sub-section titled “LEARN.” Under this sub-section, there is a link titled “Buying Guides,” and it is here that I found the curly hair one (under the ‘Hair’ tab).

Once there, you’re greeted by this cute banner, and below, you can choose your curl type.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.35.54 AM

They’ve divided them up by texture, and when you click on each you can get more information about the classifications! You know that annoying number system the natural hair community uses? Yeah, they’ve got it. So when trying to “type” your hair, the’ve made it a bit easier. WAVY contains the 2A, 2B, and 2C curl patterns, CURLY contains the 3A & 3B curl patterns, COILY contains the 3C & 4A curl patterns, and TIGHTLY COILED contains the 4A, 4B, and 4C curl patterns.

Once you choose a curl pattern, the interactive page shows you products that correspond to the hair type selected. For example, when I choose Tightly Coiled, these are the product recommendations I am shown, broken down by the stages of doing hair (i.e. washing, conditioning, styling, oils, etc…):

Y’all see they even have a natural hair tutorial video in there?????? This is cute!!

When you get to the bottom of the page they have more videos by naturalistas as well:

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.35.36 AM

Like they went to work! I’m pleased with the effort overall, and I think it’s great that they’ve made a real effort to include products and tutorials for kinkier textures. More often than not, when it comes to natural hair there seems to be a tendency to gravitate toward products and features for looser textures. This is extraordinary in my opinion, and it’s great to see some women of colour on here. All in all, I think that this is a great addition to Sephora’s site. The only thing I wonder is if employees have training about these hair types as well. I know they aren’t hair stylists by any means, but at least for proper recommendations.

What do you all think of this? Leave some comments!

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Low Porosity Natural Hair Care Routine (May 2016)

The hair

I have found the answer *in comes singing black angels*

Answer to what….

My hair, y’all! My hair! I think I’ve figured out how to get my wash and go to 1) stay hydrated, 2) maintain its curl pattern, and 3) remain soft…all over the course of a week to week and a half.

What opened your eyes girl?!

The youtubezzz. What else? The only thing that was different about this trip to YouTube was learning about porosity versus curl pattern. Porosity refers to how your hair is actually built, and how that plays into its ability to absorb water.

Through this, I was able to determine that I have low porosity hair. This type is characterized by:

  • taking FOREVER to dry (my hair is notorious for taking HOURS to dry. HOURS!!)
  • a tightly bound cuticle (the “scales” on the hair lay down flat), thus repelling water (why it takes a few minutes for my hair to get wet), and making it more resistant to processing
  • reacting weirdly to certain protein products > result in build up and a straw like feel
  • product building up very easily

With these things in mind, and with the aid of a couple other videos, I went to work to try a new wash and go routine. It is outlined as follows:

WASHING- always done with warm to very warm water. Never cold, even for rinsing. 

  • Wet hair, and shampoo. I used V05 moisturizing shampoo, particularly the coconut or strawberries & cream scent 
  • Lather and cleanse scalp thoroughly
  • Rinse water thoroughly and apply conditioner. I use the V05 cleansing conditioner in the kiwi melon scent (the green one), or in the absence of that the coconut one that’s from the moisturizing line. 
  • Detangle hair with wide tooth comb and then follow through finger detangling
  • Let conditioner sit for duration of shower (maybe 10 minutes) then finger detangle again.
  • Rinse shampoo and comb through hair with wide tooth comb


  • VERY MINIMALLY pat most excess water off hair. I typically focus in the middle of my hair since that takes longest to dry.
  • Using LOC method, I have my water saturating my hair, the Liquid, so I move to my oil. I’ll typically use grapeseed or sweet almond since they’re on the lighter side and don’t weigh down my hair, nor do they dirty up my scalp quickly.
  • For the cream, I use the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Lock It In Sealing Cream on my hair. I take care to apply a decent sized dollop to sections of my hair, taking care to rake it in so it hits each strand. I LOVE this cream, and it smells SO good!
  • Paired with that, I take some Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Leave In Conditioner and do the same thing as with the cream.
  • On top of this, to really make my curls pop and STAY DEFINED ALL WEEK, I use the Hawaiian Silky “Dry Look” Gel Activator. I comb that through section by section as well
  • To top off, I let my hair air dry



  • So this was where I always used to f up. My hair would look so nice after semi drying (since it takes all day to dry basically – not exaggerating), but I would never know what to do with it at night. It wasn’t long enough to have the pineapple takedown thing work and look nice the next day, and I twist outs and everything stopped working on my hair (which is why I stopped doing them). This was again, until I came across the video of a young woman who suggested puffs!
  • I free section my hair into fours, and simply put them in hair ties. In the morning, I carefully take the hair tie off (never wrapped around more than twice), and pick my hair so that its full and styled to my liking! That’s it!


  • I use warm to very warm water since it helps to open up the cuticle of my hair, allowing for better absorption of products and moisture overall.
  • I use these particular products since they’re water based and very light. This way, I don’t experience any buildup, and they help to keep my hair moisturizer throughout the week.
  • When I take down the puffs in the morning, I do so with the assistance of steam to help liven up my hair and give it some moisture. Doing this every day is one of the key processes I believe has made detangling a dream on wash day, and really help my hair stay moisturized.

My next step is to try to see how to modify this routine for protective styles, like braids. Hopefully this was of some help!

To any of my low porosity naturals out there, what wash day/styling products have you been using?

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Aliexpress MOBB Hair First Thoughts 

**As written on Aliexpress**

“This is only my second time ordering extensions, but I know that in the future whenever I order, I will stick to this shop! The price was amazing for 4 bundles and a closure, and the shipping was SUPER fast. I live in New York, and ordered this hair on a Saturday and received it the Friday of that week (a couple days earlier than the projected delivery date). What topped it all off was the great communication from Jason, who checked to make sure my address was correct before shipping, notified me when my product shipped, as well as wishing a fast delivery. He even included pictures of the hair before it was sent out to me. All in all, based solely off of the ordering and shipping experience, I give 5 stars. I’ll have another review once I actually install the hair 😊”

See review here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1711214371.html

So to summarize:


  • This hair shipped EXTRA fast. As I stated above, I placed my order on February 27th I believe, and received it that Friday, March 4th. In my opinion, that is pretty fast considering the hair is shipping from China. It actually came earlier than expected, as the expected delivery date was a couple of days earlier than expected

Customer Service/Communication

  • Customer service makes or breaks purchases for me. With Aliexpress shops sometimes scrutinized for their products, as well as service at times, I was highly impressed with this shop. The owner, Jason, communicated with me via AliExpress throughout the duration of my order to ensure that everything went well. He was extremely kind, and very prompt in his responses.
  •  First, I was messaged as notification that the order had passed AliExpress processing, and to confirm that the address I had on file was correct 


  • Then, I was sent another message right before the order was set to ship out to notify me of such, and a picture of the packages hair was included (looked exactly how it was pictured when I opened the package.


  • Then, in wrapping up our correspondence, I was given some hair care tips



  • Now, for the best part. For a 14″ free part lace closure, and 4 bundles of Brazilian hair (14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″), I paid…..$124.00. YUP!!!!! I haven’t seen that anywhere, so if not for any other reason, hit this up for these prices. 

  All in all, as far as placing the order, I give MOBB Hair a 5/5. The shipping is fast, the prices are great, and the customer service is fantastic.

I’ll have an update once I actually get my hair done!


ISIS RCP 717: 18″ Afro Kinky

Hey y’all 👩🏾 Sorry for disappearing, between school & life, I haven’t had time to blog, nor have I really had any ideas 🙍🏾 Lack of motivation is a killer 😕

Anyway, just here quickly with some quick points about one of the wigs I mentioned here (the last one), the ISIS Collection 18″ Afro Kinky wig.


🔹Pretty natural looking right out the packaging, and after manipulating. I did a twist out on mine

🔹I personally am not good with hair, so the less I have to do the better: no maintenance really, especially given that it’s synthetic. Plus, there’s no part, so blending was pretty simple in that I just had to take out some of my hair in the front (BUT I still get lazy and don’t want to, hence the scarf & the hat 🙆🏾 lol)

🔹Pretty inexpensive. I think the lowest I’ve found this wig has been around $20-$25. 

But, nothing’s perfect, right?


🔸 Found that it was pretty thin in the back. I would get nervous about the tracks being seen in the back of my head and such (this could be due to me twisting it out and needing to separate more – which was a bit difficult…got kind of tangled, but again that could 100% be my error)

🔸 Got some shedding at times (but I wouldn’t be too quick to chalk that up to the wig, that may be because of me cutting the lace in the front too close? Eh, maybe)


All in all, I think this might be my go to BSS wig…those other looser curl ones couldn’t cut it for me. I think I just really have a bias for kinkier looking hair when I can get it. Plus those other joints were too damn hot. I love big hair but uh uh. 


Well, that’s it! I really like this one, and I think if I can get around the thin in the back thing, it’ll be perfect for me 🙂 

I am THE MOST LOW MAINTENENCE HAIR PERSON EVER so if I say this is a win, it’s a win! Seriously! Try it! 

I have another kinky wig on the way that I’ll talk about later, and some other hair I’ll talk about soon 💆🏾💇🏾 so stay tuned!

Until next time,


P.S. I’ve got to at least attempt to start smiling more in pictures 😅

Starting a New Hair Journey (2016)

Hey there!

So, here’s the deal: I tried to start getting into the protective style game in December by wearing crochet braids

All was well, and they served their purpose, but alas the time came to take them down. Everything was fine until I chopped off the back of my hair cutting the hair out 🙃

I was devastated! That’s about 4.5 inches and 3 years of growth…gone! So here’s what I’m left with:

Overall, it isn’t too bad I guess since the rest of my hair came out okay, but I realized something else when I took it out: it’s not exactly growing anymore/it’s not any thicker

So I’m making a vow to grow heal their hair by protective styling for the next few months to a year, and paying better attention to the overall health of my hair. I think I’m good with everything except that my hair doesn’t have enough protein, and I need to do better with trimming my ends. I plan to protective style primarily through wearing wigs, but possibly also sew ins, and probably braids as well.

What have my naturals out there been doing to keep your hair healthy?


Welcome back!| See, what had happened was…

Hey there everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written on here, and I genuinely apologize. This blog was created at a time when I was going through a very personally rough time, and it served as a great outlet that allowed me to meet really amazing people and cope. However, it was not enough. I took some additional steps in order to better myself, and as a result spent more time working on personal growth outside myself. In other words, I tried to work more on immersing myself back into social situations and the like rather than relying on the web and things of that nature to make me feel better. Thus, courtenays beauty box fell into stagnation.

With all of the growth I’ve been experiencing though, I thought that now would be a great time for me to come back to blogging and bring some new content and perspectives to the table.

With that being said, I’m hoping to expand things on here so that it encompasses “beauty” in all regards: makeup, skin, nails, hair (external)…and self-esteem, personal growth, and mindfulness among other topics (internal). Hope that’s alright 😊

Anyway, I genuinely hope that my absence hasn’t diminished the friendships I’ve made on here, and I hope to get back to talking to you all! I’m also back on Twitter and Instagram if you want to link back up with me on there.

Hope to get back in touch with you all! How was everyone’s New Year? Any plans for the upcoming month? Tell me about it in the comments.

✌🏾️ Court ✌🏾️


December 2014 Natural Hair Wash Day Routine 4b/4c Hair

People assume that going natural automatically means easier hair manageability. Personally, I think it involves a lot more work! I’ve been natural for about 2 years now, and I think I’ve only now gotten down a routine that keeps my hair shiny, moisturized, and healthy feeling. It takes so much experimenting to find out not only what products work best, but even which methods of physically dealing with your hair allow for maximum health.

In the beginning, I followed what people were doing on Youtube as far as the co-washing, oils, etc…, but I was pretty lazy with it. I wasn’t taking proper time to really apply the products in a way that allowed for good moisture absorption, and strength. As a result, my hair grew, but it was dry, dull, and my ends were atrocious.

After revisiting hair care sites, and talking with my friend who is much better than me when it comes to methods and products and things of that nature, I think I’ve found a regime that works best for me (in terms of wash day[s]). I’ll probably do a separate post about how I style my hair.

Week 1: After having product built up in my hair between washes, I use a spray bottle filled with 3 parts Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 part water to cleanse my scalp. I braid my hair in 4 equally sized sections, and spray the solution on my scalp. I massage the solution into my scalp, working one section at a time, and let it sit. After working through each section, I rinse my hair out to get rid of all of the dirt. After that, I unbraid and re-braid my hair in the four sections while I shampoo, and then condition my hair. After rinsing everything out, I apply Olive Oil creme and I seal with Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Week 2: I part my hair in 4 as I did with the ACV, but I just do a quick co-wash with my favourite conditioner instead. After that’s rinsed out, I moisturize with the creme and oil mentioned above.

Week 3: Same as week 1 with the ACV wash prior to shampooing and conditioning, just to cleanse my scalp and giving my hair a little added shine. I moisturize my hair.

Week 4: Co-wash again! Then moisturize after.

This wash method, especially with the sectioning of my hair, really helps minimize tangles and breakage during my wash. Plus, my hair always comes out really soft and shiny when I’m done. I am thinking about adding in a deep condition and a protein treatment somewhere in there.

I’ll do another post about how I style my hair and maintain it in between washes to keep it healthy!

What do you guys think? What do you do to your hair?


Products Mentioned:

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


Organix Renewing Morocan Argan Oil Shampoo

Vo5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze with Lemongrass Extract Clarifying Conditioner

Tropical Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme