Guest Post| 3 Winter Habits that Will Put Your Healthy Skin at Risk

3 Winter Habits that Will Put Your Healthy Skin at Risk by Lisa Haiden


Winter is a great period to finally relax and spend some time with friends and family. With all of the things going on, it can be easy to neglect your skin. Taking care of your skin during the winter is very important because the weather becomes very dry. The freezing cold and the loss of humidity would encourage your skin to crack and this can cause long term damage.

There are a few habits that can put your skin at risk during the winter. In this article, we will be going over 3 most important winter routines that can cause bad skin during the cold season.


1. Sticking to One Skin Care Product – Bad Winter Skincare Routine

“If it works, stick with it”. While this is one rule that works lots of cases, during the winter is not a good practice. As the weather changes it is very important for you to change your skin care routine accordingly. The regimen you use during the summer will definitely not work during the winter. As the weather gets colder, you will need products that can supply your skin with more moisture than ever. This means that your lotions and exfoliating creams should be especially dedicated to the winter weather. Remember: even if you are using one of the top face creams on the market, it may not work great on your skin when cold days arrive!


2. Taking Long Hot Showers or Baths – Bad Winter Skincare Routine

Very few things feel better than warm water on your skin in the winter. Even though it may feel very good, you may be doing your skin a lot more harm than good. Hot water is good for giving the body a jolt of energy in the morning, but taking longer than normal showers in the bathroom can do damage on your skin. It rids your skin of its natural oil, and makes it extremely dehydrated. Try to take shorter showers, and make use of hydrating bath gels and facial oils in order to bring moisture. You should also apply proper lotion on your skin immediately afterwards and this is when your skin absorbs it the most.


3. Overloading Your Skin with Petroleum Jelly – Bad Winter Skincare Routine

Heaping on the Vaseline during the winter seems like everyone’s go to when the weather is cold. It feels like good relief when the weather is bad, but you just may be doing your skin more harm than good. Applying a lot of gel on your skin can dry it out so it is better to make use of creamy moisturizers in the winter. They will protect your skin much better than petroleum jelly because they aren’t so harsh.

Thank you so much Lisa for reaching out to share this post! If you want to keep up with Lisa’s work, you can check out!


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Fall 2016 Semester Goals: Recap| Courtenay’s Beauty Box

Hey hey hey.

In trying to keep up with posting semi-regularly, here is another post touching on the semester. This time, I want to recap my Fall 2016 Semester Goals to see which ones I achieved (and which ones I fell short on).

If you’re interested in seeing if I succeeded, keep reading!

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Spring Semester Goals| Courtenay’s Beauty Box

As I write this, it is Saturday, and I return to campus tomorrow for my final semester of my undergraduate career. As I’ve stated before, going back to school is never really something that is exciting for me, but it’s the end! Since I am in this period of transition (moving into “adulthood”), I have some goals I would like to achieve. 

If you’re interested in learning what they are, read ahead!

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Where Have I Been/What’s Next? + Video (pt. 2)

This is a continuation of my last post where I explained (in detail) the many factors contributing to my absence from the bloggerverse. Here, I just want to ramble a bit about what’s coming in the next few months in school, career moves, life, and here 🙂 Like in the previous post, if you don’t care to read what’s below, you can watch the video for the cliff notes (or to see/hear me speak)….or you can do both?

What’s Next?


Minimizing: I won’t touch on it too much here, but I’m trying to transition to a more minimalist lifestyle. I’ve already been making a few moves in that direction, and I think that they are really proving beneficial. I want to devote a post to this though, so that’s all for that!

Paleo: I started shedding dairy from my diet (and then slipped up), but I think I want to go back to that. I saw lots of improvement with my bloating when I did that, nausea, and skin condition. I also want to make an effort to transition to a Paleo eating lifestyle since I think at this point it best suits my needs. I tried vegetarianism, and I’m sorry, but I like meat. I don’t eat that much of it though. I also don’t think I have the discipline to become vegan. For dietary purposes and my lifestyle, I think that Paleo works the best. I might try to throw some of that in here too.

Rehab Aide: I suppose this could go in career prep, but I’m looking to apply for rehabilitation aide positions so that I can some experience in my time off that will sustain me (a bit) and also help me out for grad school.


This upcoming semester will be a lot of fine-tuning and execution as far as my action plan. I’m hoping it’s successful….


Classes: I only have one more class left! It’s just one class for my minor. I had another 3 credits of fieldwork to do, but it looks like something else filled that requirement. I’m already signed up to do fieldwork again though so I won’t take it out from my schedule (I like it too much, and it’s also great prep for what’s to come). So basically, I only have one real required class and fieldwork. I’m also taking Sociology and Abnormal Psychology on my campus and Biology I at a local community college.

Fieldwork: As I stated before, I’ll be at the same site for fieldwork this semester completing 9 hours a week for 15 weeks. I’m happy since I’m all set to go, so I won’t be behind like last semester. Also, my schedule is more organized (even if it is packed), so there won’t be any mix ups.

BSU: Still doing BSU too! I just don’t know if I’ll be able to attend meetings and such. I’ll have to see about this just based on the demands of other things that are going on. I would love to continue planning and more though.

Research: This semester I have to finish data collection, but everything is ready to go! After a million years of working on this thing (which is my fault for not being more quick about it), I’ll be finished. I’m not hard pressed to present anywhere, but that would be cool.

School – Other

Activism: I’m really hoping to see the ground work for some of the things I’ve met about started. Again, as more progress is made with certain projects, I’ll try to write about them. I will say though: I’m working on a proposal to get a big speaker to come, designing a workshop, and trying to get a campaign up and running.

Career Prep

Pre-requisite courses: Like I said above, I only have 2 requirements left for my major. The Sociology and Abnormal Psych courses are pre-reqs, and so is Biology. It’s going to be a bit strange taking classes on two campuses, but it has to get done.

I will also sign up to take Anatomy and Physiology I and II over the summer (hopefully). I’m still debating on whether or not I should take a Physics or Chemistry course as well. I would like to to expand options, but that’s money that I don’t have (lol). I already set myself up for the winter course I’m taking, and the Bio class…

Observation hours: I was able to get a spot volunteering (shadowing) an O.T. at the same hospital I’m doing fieldwork at, so it’s like a second fieldwork. So, once I complete the orientation, I’ll get that going. I will also be doing 9 hours a week for 15 weeks, so I’ll have 135 hours by the time I’m done.

I’m hoping to try to get myself into some other settings during my interim period before going to grad school so I gain some more perspective.

Research: I have to fine tune my list according to what I will have done by the time I’m ready to apply. Once that’s established (which it basically is), I will start fine tuning my essays and gathering my lists of recommenders and such.


Videos: I think I’m just going to start recording videos and writing blog posts to accompany them. I like this idea because I can kind of lump things together into weekly vlogs. That way, I touch on topics I keep meaning to get to without stressing out about keeping track of series of posts. I do still have separate posts I want to make (with videos) though, like….

Posts: I have some cute lil ideas for 2017. Some of them I kind of talked about (minimizing, Paleo, etc..). Others include posts about school (but particularly my experiences as a Psychology major), a couple of favourite product vides (which will have more stock since I’m minimizing – these will be self-care items and things I truly love), maybe some fun tags….I want to do one with my boyfriend.

Well, that’s it….really! I’m looking forward to all that is to come, and hope you all stay tuned for the ride 🙂

Until next time,




Dropping Out Senior Year (Kind Of)| Courtenay’s Beauty Box

I always go through a roller coaster of thoughts in the days/hours leading up to school. This particular stream of thoughts has been on my mind all of winter break, but of course it’s in full swing as I am only hours away from departing to campus – what if I just leave?

(disclaimer(s): video was posted hours after blog post was written +  subsequent posts may not make sense after reading this since those were written much earlier + this was written in full transparency/in the height of a thought process/emotional experience)

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Where Have I Been/What’s Next + Video

Long time no chat my friends. I apologize, I really do, but I can’t promise that it will change. I can say that I would like to be more effortful with my blog this year, but I am just going to take things one day at a time.

With that being said, I wanted to devote the first post of 2017 to addressing where the hell I’ve been since this summer, as well as what I am looking forward in the future personally, academically, and so forth. I mention all of these things in the video as well, but if it’s not your cup of tea, you can get the run down here! But, without further ado:

Where Have I Been


Boyfriend: I’m cuffed y’all 🙂 Got into a relationship this year with a wonderful guy, and I’m really happy. With all of the stress that has been 2016, it’s been great having someone by my side who’s able to keep me grounded and who is just a big source of happiness. Shout out to you :*

Happiness: As I’ve touched on in a couple of posts here, I struggled with depression for many years. This was exacerbated in college for a number of reasons, and this year was the one I decided I was done. While I’ve encountered a few dips here and there, my overall happiness has been so much greater than ever in my life. Relationship aside, I’m really learning more about myself, and growing into myself as well (if that makes sense). Part of this journey has been detaching a lot so that I could focus on things that immediately kept building on this.


I don’t think I ever formally talked about it, but at the end of August I was accepted into the fellowship program with Breakthrough U.S. (which lasts an entire academic year). They’re a human rights organization working to end gender based violence through culture change, and as fellows, we try to bring that work to our own college campuses. We do this by developing an iconic, disruptive action that we plan for the first half of the semester by doing different analyses. Then, for the second half of the semester, we plan and execute our action. Mine will tackle slut shaming, but that’s all I’m going to mention here since I’ll probably devote a whole series of posts about my work with that.

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Did I Sabotage My College Experience?

I feel like a fraud. I shouldn’t give anyone college advice. I was so enveloped in my depression and anxiety freshman-junior year, I didn’t really do too much. Yeah there were a couple parties sprinkled into my college experience, a few games here and there, and even a few friends. However, I spent most of my time working, in class, or at home studying, sleeping, or streaming movies and TV.

I often wonder if I didn’t like my school because of the culture, or if I wasn’t able to enjoy it because, again, I was struggling. I talked myself out of things as I often do, I withdrew mentally and emotionally, and I tortured my mind, body, and soul.

As I head into my senior year, I am more convinced that there was an interplay between these two: I came into college already dealing with depression, but environmental factors put it into a pressure cooker and I cracked.

But, after much rambling, back to the question posed in the title: yes and no. Yes, there are many ways I could have changed the outcome of these years. But, I am a firm believer (even though I forget many times) that things work themselves out. Yeah there are plenty of times I want to kick myself in the mouth for not doing x, or going to this meeting, or applying for this thing, etc, there are many reasons I am thankful for these hard times.

Yes, I may have “missed out” on some opportunities, or took longer to reach certain decisions. Yes, I might have had a better social experience if I went to another school on my list, or if I had listened to myself and followed through with transferring. But no, I don’t think I sabotaged anything. This semester aloneI’ve been able to intern/shadow in a Neurology clinic, work with an amazing human rights organization, come closer to solidifying my future career plans, gotten to speak at the U.N., and so much more. Yeah, I wish things could have gone a bit differently, but I’m so happy with the direction life is taking.

For my seniors out there, how are you feeling about your college experiences (reflecting)?


#GivingTuesday with Breakthrough U.S.!

Hey there everyone!

I mentioned very briefly in my September (or October) Favourites that I am participating in a fellowship with Breakthrough U.S. We are a human rights organization working to end gender based violence each and every day through culture change! I’m beyond grateful to have been granted such an opportunity, and very happy with the work I have been doing. I know in the Bloggersphere, we are often bombarded by links to companies and so on and so forth, so you may not be inclined to click this, however, I promise you this is worth it.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, and in the post linked below, all Breakthrough is asking is that *you* share ideas for an action that can help create SAFE and INCLUSIVE spaces for college students across the country. Not hard at all, right? Start a discussion with your friends! Tag ’em into the post if you’d like! Share it! Most of all, don’t shy away from posting because you are embarrassed of an idea, or think that it is “stupid.” There’s power in words, and yours matter 😊

Check out the post here

Btw, not kidding when I say you should share. I spent my first 3 in college analyzing things on campus that I felt weren’t being handled properly, and that made students feel unwelcomed, but never thought I could do much to fix it. While it is proving to be a lot of hard work, working with, and sharing my ideas with Breakthrough has really helped me find my voice, and validate my observations. I have never felt as empowered to make on-ground change as I am now, and that is something I will always be thankful for. So, please don’t think your ideas are too small 💕

Have a great day!


“Travels” by Michael Crichton| Reflection + Thoughts

I received this book as a gift from my advisor last fall semester or this past spring (I can’t remember), and it has truly changed my life a bit. I was thinking about making a video for this, but haven’t had time (this post was supposed to be published months ago – oops).

From the bestselling author of Jurassic ParkTimeline, and Sphere comes a deeply personal memoir full of fascinating adventures as he travels everywhere from the Mayan pyramids to Kilimanjaro.

Fueled by a powerful curiosity—and by a need to see, feel, and hear, firsthand and close-up—Michael Crichton’s journeys have carried him into worlds diverse and compelling—swimming with mud sharks in Tahiti, tracking wild animals through the jungle of Rwanda. This is a record of those travels—an exhilarating quest across the familiar and exotic frontiers of the outer world, a determined odyssey into the unfathomable, spiritual depths of the inner world. It is an adventure of risk and rejuvenation, terror and wonder, as exciting as Michael Crichton’s many masterful and widely heralded works of fiction. –

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Free Your Mind| September Favourites 

The posts namesake. I love 80s music, and more particularly electronic and pop. This album gives me all of that. It’s by a group called Cut Copy, and it was made in 2013 I believe. My favourite tracks are, “Footsteps,” “We Are Explorers,” and “Dark Corners & Mountain Tops.” I like all the songs really, but those ones make me happiest. 

Fandango came in clutch Labor Day weekend. I was home visiting since my dads birthday was the Saturday (Sept. 3). Friday night, I was sitting on the couch at my moms, finished for the night with my schoolwork. I was browsing my email and saw that I had been sent a $5 ticket thing to see Nerve, so of course I used it. Movies are close to $15 where I live sometimes (okay, more like $12), so I thought why not. There weren’t many seats taken, and it had been on my watchlist. I really liked it! Fittingly with my first favourite, I love the soundtrack. The music in the movie was a good blend of the aforementioned sounds and some other more retro sounds/contemporary stuff. Loved the colour scheme too!

via Google Images

The last thing I started enjoying (and in retrospect since it’s now NOVEMBER) is my fellowship with Breakthrough! I’m hoping to incorporate a couple of posts relating to that soon 🙂

Apologies for not posting this way earlier! School has been CRAZY! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves though 🙂