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31 Days of Gratitude| August 1st and 2nd


Hey there everyone. With the opening of a new month and new opportunity, I want to bring something a little different to this little site of mine. I read a great post from via a Facebook group I am in (shoutout to y’all!), which was titled: 66 Days of Gratitude: Make Gratitude a Habit.” I read it and thought, “this is great.”

1. It provides a simple way to think about the little things. As I’ve beat down on many times on here: I experience major depression and anxiety. Thankfully the depression is in a ‘trough’ right now, but anxiety is still a b*tch. This forces me to think about things that I love daily for at least a little bit.

2. I’ve said time and time again here that I want to be more consistent. This is another way to create content that is authentic and meaningful, while remaining consistent. 

With all of that being said, I would like to adapt Nelly’s 66 days to 31….one post for every day this month. To begin, let’s start off with August 1st and 2nd (since I missed day 1….oops.)

Day 1: What food are you grateful for?

This is a hard one, especially considering I love food so much. I am terrible at narrowing things down, but I would have to say chicken. Chicken has never done me wrong, and I love that I am able to enjoy it across so many different cultures and in so many cuisines. *Some* of my favorite cuisines to enjoy chicken are ThaiJamaican (of course), and Mexican or Cuban food.

Day 2: What movie/show are you grateful for?

These are also very hard since I watch a lot of TV and movies! I have to say, for movie, I am probably most grateful for Batman and Robin (the one with George Clooney, Arnold “the Terminator,” and Uma Thurman). Why? I watched that movie every day when I was young (that and Spawn – judge me, idc). I am grateful for it because even though it wasn’t the best, it reminds me of my parents. I love them so much, and I think it’s funny and patient of them to have let me watch that movie every day. It probably got on their nerves a lot. My dad tells me about it all the time 🙂

As for TV, I will say Daria. Daria is a comfortable show for me. I love it because it’s dry, but it’s also very funny to me. I used to think I had a lot in common with Daria, but I don’t think that is true anymore (sometimes). I do find that whenever I need to relax or put something on to keep me distracted, I jump to Hulu to watch an episode or two or six. 

Come back tomorrow to see day three, and check out the original posts here and here!

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5 Obstacles Introverted/Anxious Students Face Making Change

5 Obstacles

Note: I wrote this post in January, mid-trough point in depression cycle. Only now getting around to posting it, sorryyyyyy. I also want to preface this by saying that I do not consider myself to be an activists. There is still a lot of unlearning I need to do and research I need to do. Also, I don't think that I am actually doing or have done anything substantial. This post was brainstormed in the middle of my fellowship while I was working on my project, and I was trying to organize thoughts I had during that time.

I have been trying to be more vocal in terms of trying to contribute to and reform my campus, but there are a few pesky problems that my introversion, anxiety, and depression cause from time to time.

1. Is this really a problem? Or am I over-analyzing (like I do everything else).

With anxiety, there comes a tendency to over-analyze situations. I spent the first three years of my college career convinced I was going crazy because I thought no one else noticed the things I did. Sometimes, I still feel this way, even though I know there are others who feel the same way.

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Blog Blast July 15th – 31st

Blog Post Roundup 2

Hey there everyone. Long time no chat. I know I have been super inactive this week, but….I was away! I went on a trip to Playa del Carmen in Mexico with my mom and younger sister, and it was super fun. I’m not sure if I’m going to make a post about it since I don’t really have many pictures (that’s a different post though). Moving along….

This month has been a huge month of transition. There are lots of changes taking place, closing of new chapters, and opening of new ones. With this in mind, many of the posts I have been enjoying in the second half of the month remind me to take care of myself, not doubt myself, and invest in my dreams. I want to shout out all the wonderful ladies of BGWBY on Facebook, since 99.999% of these posts are from the threads. You all write such thoughtful pieces, and are constantly inspiring me to improve my craft.

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Blog Blast July 1st – 15th

Blog Post Roundup 1

I was sitting around thinking about how much I enjoy reading others’ posts, especially when there is information that helps me grow personally, professionally, or in spirit. In the spirit of keeping things short and sweet, I am just going to drop the links of some posts I really enjoyed this (half) month.

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How to Upload Photos to Instagram from A MacBook

How to Upload Photos to Instagram from a MacBook

How To Upload Photos Directly To Instagram From Your Computer

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to share this trick I learned while I was trying to upload a photo to Instagram. You might already know this, but I didn’t. Just want to share this with anyone who doesn’t know how to do this 🙂

Whether you are a newbie or expert, you know that photography is an integral part of blogging. You may spend hours every week taking a curating photographs to use for posts, social media, and outreach. With that in mind, it can easily become very annoying to transfer photographs to your phone in order to upload on Instagram, or always having to use third party apps.

When you go to, you can log in and view photos, like photos, and view feeds but you can’t upload photos from the desktop version…

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 12.46.17 PM

…unless you try this!

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Finding A Job After College: 5 Key Tips

Job Search with AnxietySo here you are: you’re a few months out from graduation (or already done), jobless, and stressed. To top it all off, you’ve never been one with the strongest self-esteem. What to do?!

Worry not friends, I’m here to share my experience with job searching, and what to do when you do land a gig. If you’re interested, stay tuned!

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B*tch You Don’t Love Yourself! 5 Signs You Are Not Being Kind To Yourself

Self-love and self-care are terms that are thrown around a lot these days. They’re more than taking a bubble bath when you’re feeling stressed, or listening to your favorite song.   These are processes that one should regularly engage in – making conscious efforts to be present and kind to the self. Personally, I know I could do a lot better with practicing self-love and self-care, as I am not nice to myself in the slightest (so I’ve been told).

Are you being unkind to yourself? Read 5 signs below, or watch the video above to find out!

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Influenster #GlowVoxBox Unboxing|Court Ess

Hey there everyone! Long time no post 🙂 I know it’s been a while, but I am finally back with some new content. I apologize as always for not posting for such a long time, it’s just that senior year was really (understandably) hectic. Now that I’ve graduated college though, I should have bit more time on my hands since I’m in job search mode to devote to the blog/YouTube. With that in mind, I’m just going to get right into this VoxBox unboxing.  If you do not care to read the post, you can watch the video linked above!

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