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I Chopped Off All Of My Hair

I chopped off all of my hair. All of it. Why you may ask? I’m not sure. I said I wanted something different, I said I wanted a release, I said I was tired of having to “deal” with my hair. Each one of these may be true, and none of them might. I might be going through something, but whatever. It’s gone, I’m bald.

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NEW Wet n Wild Vegan Brushes First Impression + Review

Wet N Wild Brushes Review

I’d be lying if I said I needed these brushes (I feel like I say this for everything), but you can never have enough in my opinion so it doesn’t matter. After all, a whole set for under $20? Who’s complaining?

I was doing people’s makeup over the weekend of August 5th, and realized that despite the fact that I thought I had enough brushes for this sort of thing – I don’t. I have enough for my varying makeup needs, but figured it was about time I add a couple missing items to my collection.

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LA Girl Flat Finish Matte Pigment Gloss in Rebel + Swatches 

LA Girl Flat Finish Matte Pigment Gloss in Rebel

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you know that I am quite the connoisseur of beauty supply store cosmetics. For the most part (as there are always exceptions), the quality is good, the shade ranges are plentiful, and most importantly: the prices are fantastic. Today, I come to you to share one of my all-time favourite lip products…..

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elf x Jackie Aina J.Glow Palette Swatches and Review

E.L.F. Cosmetics x Jackie Aina J. Glow Palette + Swatches

Hello hello everyone. I just wanted to write a little something showing the colours in the beautiful J.Glow Clay Eyeshadow by Jackie Aina. As I said in this post here, I was lucky enough to snag this palette before it sold out. I admire Jackie, and I’m happy to support this collaboration. It speaks volumes to me that she says in her video about it (see end of post) that other opportunities have come up, but she chose to partner with them because she likes the brand (of course), and she wanted to go with a brand that was very accessible and affordable.

I appreciate beauty vloggers and gurus who don’t forget that a majority of their viewers don’t have $70 to drop on one makeup item every other day, and are able to mix up the use of high-end and low-end products on their channels. I think that this was both a thoughtful and smart move on her end.

Anyway, with all of that being said, keep reading if you’re interested in seeing swatches!

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June/July Empties

Heyooooo 🖖🏾

I basically use the same makeup products in my routine, so there isn’t usually too much that gets finished that hasn’t been discussed on here before. That might change, so I figured I would start this as a mini series since I do make slight changes for things like mascara and face powder. 

With that being said, onto the empties!

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NEW ELF Cosmetics x J.Glow Jackie Aina Palette

J.Glow Palette and other ELF items Haul

Why I continue to purchase eyeshadow like I wear it often is beyond me, yet here I am.

Anyway, if you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you saw that I got some new things from ELF Cosmetics (Eyes, Lips, Face) a few days ago. This purchase mostly happened because I wanted the limited edition J.Glow Jackie Aina Clay Eyeshadow Palette. She’s been one of, if not my favourite YouTuber for some years now. With so many personalities and gurus springing up, it’s refreshing to see someone who is so down to earth and so unapologetically black. I love that she really centers her channel around celebrating women’s beauty, but particularly that of women of colour while pushing boundaries as far as what looks we dare to wear. So, when I saw that she finally got a brand collaboration with the brand that ushered me into the makeup world, I had to support.

Aside from the palette, I wasn’t itching to buy anything in particular. I kind of just played the other purchases by ear and got things that I didn’t already have in my collection.

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