(Late) Blog Blast September 2017


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Hey there everyone! So before I get into the September Blog Blast, check out some of my “blasts” from previous months:

Also, October Blog Bast is cancelled haha. I took a break from blogging and everything it encompasses last month, which means I wasn’t keeping up with posts from anywhere. Therefore, I have no posts to share. BUT, I am feeling a bit more inspired and motivated (I’m probably drawing energy since this is my birthday month lol), so keep your eyes peeled at the end of the month for a November post round up.

Without further ado though, here were some of my favorite posts from September 2017! Do check them out, and let me know your thoughts.

Interestingly, these two I saw one right after another:

http://www.behindtheschmile.com/we-can-all-win/ – “We Can All Win” from Behind the Schmile

https://funfashionfreedomsite.wordpress.com/2017/09/02/happiness-at-someone-elses-agony/ – “Happiness at Someone Else’s Agony” from Fun Fashion Freedom

The former post talks about how it is possible for us all to “win.” You don’t have to be in unhealthy competition with others constantly, and feel the need to be secretive and shady about sharing opportunities because you feel that doing so messes up your “leg up” in success. What is coming for you, will come. You carve out your success, and again, your path is YOUR path. Why not help others along the way? A suggestion or a push in a certain direction can be the one thing that helps a friend or colleague set straight on their path. 

Fittingly, the latter post talks about how we should not feed the energy/feeling encapsulated in the word schadenfreude, finding happiness at the expense of someone else’s misfortune. Admittedly, this is something that I have done before, and I am not proud of it. I think we all have moments like this. Hell, there are whole entertainment industries dedicated to this type of information. In line with the previous post, changing one’s attitude from one that thrives in this space, one of sitting back and eating popcorn while watching someone’s decline, to one that identifies places for growth in others and works to bring them there is a good thing. Not only does it benefit someone else, I think this helps with individual growth as well.

https://shesbeaming.wordpress.com/2017/09/02/finding-purpose-in-your-20s/comment-page-1/#comment-566  – “Finding Purpose in your 20s” from She’s Beaming

I think I’m always going to have an obligatory “finding your purpose” post in my monthly roundups because they serve as good reminders for myself. I am nowhere near knowing what my purpose is, nor do I think that it is coming any time soon. I commented under this post with this, as it reflects my sentiments. I do have to remember to follow my own advice though: “I think a big part of me holding myself back is that I keep falling into the “should” trap instead of looking at where I am now, and working toward bettering that. Opportunities will present themselves as long as you remain intentional in the work you are doing as well. I don’t mean this to say that we should passively just wait for things to fall into our laps, because life doesn’t work that way. I do think that, again, if you are doing your thing, and really just trying out new things and putting your best effort into it, you will align with opportunities that fit your desires.”

http://www.addierawr.com/blog-1/2017/9/4/being-an-entrepreneur-isnt-fun-so-let-stop-pretending – “Being an Entrepreneur Isn’t Fun, So Let’s Stop Pretending” from Addie Rawr

I am not an entrepreneur by any means, and do not have the same fire to become one like others I know. There are plenty of posts out there highlighting the good that comes with being your own boss, and some that marginally discuss the challenges, but usually wrap up to lightly tread over the obstacles. I like how honest this was.

https://islandgirlonamission.blog/2017/09/03/what-august-taught-me/ – “What August Taught Me” by Island Girl on a Mission

These are all lessons that I remember 50% of the time. The challenge is to remember them the other 50% of the time when I am on the more negative side of things.

http://www.behindtheschmile.com/university-debt-sugar-daddies/ – “University: Debt & Sugar Daddies” from Behind the Schmile

I am just going to leave my original comment on this post since that captured my immediate thoughts:

“Debt is definitely something I wish I had considered more intelligently when choosing my college. I am not in *as* bad of a position as I could be, but…..those dollars aren’t going anywhere by tomorrow either haha. I’ll never forget when I had to go to exit counseling…luckily I had been tracking my debt, and I was very aware of the amount I would be paying back. Others, not so much. If trepidation had a face, I saw it times 30. So many students sitting around me were in shock, and did not seem aware of their debts, or interest.”

https://lionontheloose.com/patterns-bojack/?utm_content=buffer9e8af&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer – from Lion on the Loose

I really ought to start remembering that life is not a template, but more often than not, end up spiraling myself into oblivion because of general dread. Really enjoying these reflective pieces, as they serve as a good reality check for myself, always coming at a convenient time.


“At 74 years of age, Amadeo Busquets has reached the highest level on ‘Pokemon Go’.”

What are your thoughts on these posts? Let me know what you think!

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