(Late) Blog Blast September 2017


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Hey there everyone! So before I get into the September Blog Blast, check out some of my “blasts” from previous months:

Also, October Blog Bast is cancelled haha. I took a break from blogging and everything it encompasses last month, which means I wasn’t keeping up with posts from anywhere. Therefore, I have no posts to share. BUT, I am feeling a bit more inspired and motivated (I’m probably drawing energy since this is my birthday month lol), so keep your eyes peeled at the end of the month for a November post round up.

Without further ado though, here were some of my favorite posts from September 2017! Do check them out, and let me know your thoughts.

Interestingly, these two I saw one right after another:

http://www.behindtheschmile.com/we-can-all-win/ – “We Can All Win” from Behind the Schmile

https://funfashionfreedomsite.wordpress.com/2017/09/02/happiness-at-someone-elses-agony/ – “Happiness at Someone Else’s Agony” from Fun Fashion Freedom

The former post talks about how it is possible for us all to “win.” You don’t have to be in unhealthy competition with others constantly, and feel the need to be secretive and shady about sharing opportunities because you feel that doing so messes up your “leg up” in success. What is coming for you, will come. You carve out your success, and again, your path is YOUR path. Why not help others along the way? A suggestion or a push in a certain direction can be the one thing that helps a friend or colleague set straight on their path.  Continue reading