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It’s odd how situations lend themselves to introspection….

….then more questioning.

There’s this thing, this feeling I can’t quite put my finger on. One that I have been dealing with my entire life – asynchrony.

What? How is one asynchronous?

Asynchrony (n.) – the quality or state of being asynchronous; absence or lack of concurrence in time.

I have always felt a strange split, as if I am not fully in touch with what is going on around me. It’s almost as if I am watching myself navigate my surroundings from the inside.

Why the disconnect?

I wonder that too. Sometimes I feel fully immersed in everything, and other times, like I am just passing through this little plane of existence.

Running from something? Many things? Or am I being overloaded, and simply can not take it all in?

Maybe part of it rests in the fact that I still don’t know how to “play in grey areas” as someone once said to me. I still frolic in very dichotomous zones.

But, that’s all for my rambling.

As always

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