What I Ate This Week 1 (9/4 – 9/8)


Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

I am going to try to keep track of what I am eating and share them in case this is helpful to anyone. Cooking is fun to me, but I don’t like to do it (if that makes any sense). I also don’t have a super super abundance of time, so I like things that are quick and nutritious. If that is something you’re looking for as far as making food for the work week, this might be for you!

Yes, this is only 4 days. It’s easiest for me to try food related changes during my work week since that’s when I have the most structure. The weekend is kind of up for grabs. Since starting work, I have tried to bring my own lunch. There have been a few instances where I’ve had to purchase lunch in the cafeteria, but like I said, I mostly bring my own food. When I bring my lunch, it’s usually some combination of chicken and vegetables, so I’m usually just trying to find different ways to conjure that up. My personal struggle has been breakfast. I wake up at 4:30 AM, and arrive at work around 6:45 AM. I am usually sitting at my desk by 7:00 AM, and start my tasks for the day at. 7:30 AM. As per my job duties, I am usually on my feet from 7:30 AM until about 11:00 AM, and in between then I am not allowed to have food in the premises. Thus, it is very important that my breakfast is both nutritious and filling. I have been making sure to have filling breakfasts, but nutritious? Not so much. At least not to my standards.

Generally, I’ve fallen off of my no dairy train, and I haven’t been watching my bread/rice/cereal/etc intake all that well either. I am hoping to get back into that this week, and consume better breakfast options. With that in mind, here’s what I am eating this week for breakfast and lunch.

Disclaimer: I don’t really do cooking formally, so when I share things here they probably won’t have measurements or times. I just kind of whip things together and watch them cook until they’re done tbh.


Since my window of time between waking up and leaving the door for the train doesn’t always allot me the most time, I need something quick. In an attempt to remain paleo compliant, there are some things I couldn’t turn to: bagels, cereal, oatmeal. So, I thought about things I used to do in college, and remembered my egg muffins. These aren’t muffins, but more of a loaf. Here, I combined 6 eggs (I mistakenly cracked one into the garbage >.<), green onion, garlic, broccoli, and the regular seasonings I put in my eggs (red pepper flakes, sea salt, pepper).

I combined everything into this loaf glass baking container, put it in the oven on 425 (since I had two sweet potatoes in there already), and let it bake.

It dented of course, since the container was much larger than the serving I put in it, but it’s all good. I’d say about 20 minutes later, this is what I was left with. I then chopped it into 4 pieces (large kind of) so that I would have enough for the rest of the week, and put them into a container. This way, I can just take up a piece, warm it up, and eat it with some fruit.


Like I said above, my lunch is more likely than not some combination of chicken and vegetables. This week, I wanted something kind of like an egg roll. So, while at Trader Joe’s (bless that store), I picked up boneless chicken tenders, broccoli slaw, stir in ginger paste, and coconut aminos.

This is the finished product. After cutting and cleaning my chicken, I just seasoned the chicken with the most basic of basic seasonings (salt and pepper). I put it in a pan and cooked it, then added in the ginger paste. Once that was cooked in with the chicken juices, I added the coconut aminos. I really like how it tastes by the way, it’s like soy sauce with a little sweet kick. I’ll definitely replace soy sauce with this. Anyway, after adding in the aminos, I threw in the bag of broccoli slaw and stirred it. Then, I lowered the flame and let it cook.

I was also baking some sweet potato since I wanted to balance out the savory flavor. I usually just like to chop it into these circular pieces and add them to whatever I’m making.

And voila, that’s my breakfast and lunch!

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