Blog Blast August 2017 Part II


I am really enjoying writing these 🙂 As I wrote in part 1 (link), this helps me revisit content that was very salient for me, especially if it resonated with me during a rough time. This also helps me to remember bloggers I really enjoy! I get inspired reading so many different views and genres of posts, and this has been helping to keep the ideas flowing. Here is the continuation of my August 2017 blog round-up!

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9.  L’aviye: Ready-To-Wear Online African Fashion & Accessories from Minority Report

Black Owned Businesses….need I say more? These pieces are beautiful, and I hope to purchase some time soon. There is a discount code in the post too…

10. Black Owned Makeup Brands from Casey Joe

Black owned makeup brands!! This is a pretty bomb list of B.O.M.B (see what I did there). I like this because it’s a one stop shop list. If you know of any others to add to the list, let her know! I don’t wear much makeup anymore, or wear it often at least. This is still good to keep in mind though, especially for recommendations.

11. 6 Tips for Ratchademics Considering Graduate School from The Boujee Ratchademic

Tips to keep in mind when considering graduate school. Although I am hoping to attend in NYC (since I work there and live there for fake part time), these are still very sound tips. I commented how important location is, as this is something I wish I would have paid more attention to for undergrad. I ended up in the middle of East Bumblef*ck and….yeah. Actually, keep some of these in mind for undergrad too!

12. Makeup Is Not For Girls Like You from And Liv Loves

“Makeup is not for girls like you,” the shelves at the CVS seem to say. At the top of each brand’s display are messages about enhancing my natural beauty through lashes long enough to cast shadows on my cheekbones and eyeshadows that embody every color of the rainbow. The ads promise beautiful lips, beautiful cheeks, beautiful skin, beautiful everything, but only to people who don’t look like me. I know this because the shelves tell me. Out of all of the brands this CVS stocks, only 4 of them carry foundation in my shade.

Liv captured this so well:

“I’m angry that I know all the shades exist online, but that I don’t get to see them in reality.”

This is my gripe with CVS, and why I don’t mess with them anymore. I was sick and tired of knowing a foundation had about 12 shades past mine, but there’s only 2 brown ones. You also hit the nail on the head when you talked about who they service. I’ve always wondered how they don’t have more shades that cater to dark skin when they damn well know the demographic of the neighborhood. This is kind of why I just use this one bb cream from the beauty supply. When I do re-up on makeup, I’m looking for a black owned brand with a nice powder foundation.

13. 4 Simple Tips to Combat the Loneliness & Social Isolation Epidemic from She’s That New Girl

Could it be that a device really isn’t the cure-all to being a social person? Could it be that there’s more to being ‘social’ than just grabbing said device?  Something to think about, isn’t it? As someone who once struggled with similar feelings during my teen years, a few tested-and-true tips have helped me push past those feelings and have changed my life, and outlook on life, for the better… –

THIS IS REAL. Don’t get me wrong, I like my alone time, but lonely and alone are two different things.

14. Why I Divorced Him from Olivia’s New Life

So if you remember I am a 31 years old mother, who decided to become a doctor against all odds. This decision impacts so many areas of my life, it is incredible. My love life has been affected… –

Self-love/discovery are SO SO important, and sometimes we don’t take the time to explore our true potential. This was very honest, and very interesting. I also thought it interesting how when you try to explain to people that you are leaving “something good” to work on yourself, it’s not as palatable as “falling out of love.”


15. Traveling Solo Changed & Saved My Life! from Chic.Classy.Spicy

I had no clue how much this trip would impact my future, but I am ever so grateful for it because my life has never been better. Although this trip was the beginning of the end of my marriage, it was also the beginning of me deciding to live a fearless, authentic, unapologetic life. It was the beginning of me finally being brutally honest with myself. Traveling solo changed me for the better mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

This was a really interesting piece about finding yourself. I am overdue for some soul searching, especially being in my early 20s.

16. 6 Tips for Self-Care on Campus from The Boujee Ratchademic

Campus stress is almost inevitable. But there are ways to anticipate it and alleviate it. And I have a few suggestions on how to handle this relative to needing to regulate your mind while being on campus.

All of these tips are important, especially getting off campus and counseling services. I have some others I would like to add as well, and may very well write about some related to some mistakes I made along the way.

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17. @ENBLUME on Instagram

I recently followed Instagram account that “actively promotes wellness of the mind.” I love the colour scheme of their feed, as they (blue, purple) are very tranquil and restorative colours to me (part of the reason why I like to use green).

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