Blog Blast August 2017 Part I


I have been trying to get back into engaging more with other blogs, as I became very narrow in my focus while trying to work on my own content again. Not supporting other bloggers/creators is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a blogger….how do you expect to meet other people? Get inspired? Learn?

In an effort to keep myself in check with this, I started doing monthly blog round ups. I used to do them way back in the day when I first started my blog, but as usual, fell off.

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I re-vamped the series in July, especially after engaging with blogging groups and being exposed to many more blogs. This month, I am returning with a fresh list of posts for you to check out. The posts I feature are of course going to be those that speak to things I relate to, but I do hope you enjoy them as well! There are a lot of gems here 🙂

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1. Not Everything Is Political from Behind the Schmile

EVERYONE DOING TOO DAMN MUCH. I have to agree with this. I don’t see anything wrong with the collective heightening in awareness for social justice issues, but sometimes…..

2. If You Haven’t Reached Success In Your 20s, It’s Ok from Addie Rawr

The pressure to be successful in your 20s is at an all time high living in an age where social media narrates everything. I see so many 23 year olds living this glamorous life of driving BMWs and flying to Europe every chance they get. Their YouTube channels have 1.2 million subscribers and from what they’re saying they don’t work a corporate job. I start to wonder what the heck I’m doing wrong and how did I reach my mid-twenties still figuring out my goals. We’ve all thought this way from time to time and I’ll admits it’s normal. –

IN YOUR 20s? STOP SKRESSING. I’m sure these posts will end up here every month, because I am constantly reminding myself that it is okay to be in a place where you’re figuring things out.

3. Passion, Pain & Purpose from Behind the Schmile

People of all ages struggle with identifying their purpose, but it seems more predominant amongst young adults who are suddenly faced with the pressures of making career decisions after years of simply cruising through the education system. It’s a daunting task- I speak from experience here. Often times we’re just looking in the wrong places and asking the wrong people. ‘Find my career’ quizzes won’t help you. 20 minutes with a careers advisor won’t help you. Magic Ball 8 won’t he- okay, you get the point. –

This post discusses the differences between purpose and passion. My spirituality is not really existent I’ll admit, but nonetheless, this is still a very poignant piece and one that many should read.

4. Statement PiecesL How to Wear them Confidently! from Chic.Classy.Spicy

Clothing is actually something I am trying to get back into. There was a time where I liked shopping and where I enjoyed wearing clothes. For the past couple years, not so much. I believe this is all a combination of me not being comfortable with my body + peaks and troughs of mental health + not being interested in many things + not having money (very much so). So, I think that dressing better might make me feel better: these are some great tips to start. Her outfit featured here is also gorgeous!

5. It’s About Who Shows Up, Not How Many… from Addie Rawr

Success. We all have different definitions of what it is and how to achieve it. To me success was about the number of likes, the number of followers, the count of attendees to an event and other crazy things that had a number attached to it. I was defining my success on things that once upon a time didn’t matter to me at all. I hate to say it but I started wanting someone else’s success story and not my own. –

My take: be grateful. It’s easy to chase an image of success, especially in this day and age with social media. There are all of these images floating around all of the time that highlight the best of people, and that show exactly what people want you to see. It is easy to get caught up and look at quantity while not being thankful for the consistent quality that may already exist. Case and point: as a blogger, I don’t have the same numbers that are benchmarked as success, but for now, I know I have a few people who consistently read and engage with my pages. I appreciate that, and that matters to me. I don’t want to produce content for an empty audience of 10,000 when I can write something a steady audience of 10 will read.

6. Top 10 Must Have Plugins for WordPress from Allyse Jolie

For the more technical side of blogging, these are really useful list of plugins for WordPress! I am going to keep these in mind for when I finally self host my site.

7. The Merit of Mistakes: Starting a New Chapter and a New Notebook  from Lion on the Loose

I’ve noticed this train of thought appear in many aspects of my life. Whether I’m telling my friends a funny story or preparing a rebuttal in a class discussion, I don’t like to open my mouth until I’m sure whatever comes out will be bulletproof. In general, I don’t like taking a first step until I have the next six or seven planned out.

Perks: well, I think I’m really funny–because I don’t talk unless I have something really good to say. I’m also objectively good at (CW: RESUME SKILLS‼️🚨😱) project management and planning ahead.

Drawbacks: conversations don’t wait for perfect comebacks. And more often than not, there’s absolutely no way to know where a choice will lead you. You simply can’t plan ahead all the time, and that shouldn’t hold you back from making a start. –

DROPPING ELOQUENT GEMS! I’m telling you, this is slowly (well, not really slowly honestly) becoming one of my favorite blogs. It’s wild because this brand of perfectionism is similar to mine, and I’m sure it played a role in my slump from a couple of weeks ago.

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There is one project that I am responsible for monitoring, but I haven’t had all of the tools necessary for me to carry it out. Thus, even though I was able to catch up for the months of July and August, they are not 100% correct. A part of this function, I am supposed to send mini reports to a group of people so they can use this data to gauge how things are going in their respective departments. I was stressing out immensely, and hesitating sending these reports out because I knew they were not completely correct. I had to shake that though, because 1) I am still new and learning. They know this. 2) Again, I do not have access to all of the tools that can assist me in making sure my reports are indestructible. 3) It’s okay to make mistakes! How else do you learn?

8. Unfiltered Love from Classified Lipstick

There are two sides to every story and this ladies and gentlemen is my take! In case you are just tuning in ….(my name is Jenny, and I have a bipolar disorder)

When you are going through so many phases at once, it is impossible for anyone to say or do anything to change what you are feeling. At the age of 15, I had only met 3 of my personalities…. the adrenaline junkie, the angry one and the sad one. –

A beautiful piece on not forgetting those around you when living with mental illness.

In the spirit of not making this post super long, please look forward to part 2 in a couple of days! In the meantime…

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