Snapped out, QUICK!


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Honestly, so weird. That mood really snapped out QUICK. I literally felt it lifted from my body. I feel focused and like I need to get back into goals. Want to get back more into blogging, organizing my things for that, marketing my posts, getting what I need to get done at work in order. So much.

It was so nice to just come home and relax. Well, relax as much as I could.

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Saturday & Sunday

I wasn’t feeling the best physically Friday, and throughout most of the weekend, so it was spent recuperating. I went grocery shopping and was able to successfully map out my meals for this week. It was wonderful. I wanted to try to get ahead of this one report I need to develop for work that I wasn’t able to get on Friday. I tried to work on it at home, but of course being that I have a MacBook Air, my disc space was non existent. I’m not sure if the disc space was the reason, but when I attempted to open any programs at all, they would just close out. After dealing with that for some time, I opted to just wait for the hard drive to arrive on Sunday and work on it then.

Regarding my disc space, I tried to delete files and find other ways to optimize my storage in the days prior, but to no avail. Once the hard drive came in on Sunday, I went to work. I plugged it in and diligently began to move files over to it and delete them from my computer. Of course, the biggest culprits were my iMovie Library and theater, a google drive installation, and a Microsoft office installation. I was able to export the movie files I had (YouTube videos) from the theater to the hard drive since those took up cloud space, but I was not sure what to do about them in the library since I still need them for clips and the like. Unless I just import the items when I need them and use them that way?

The next portion of files I had to attack were my iCloud files, but with no room to download anything onto my laptop, I wasn’t able to get to that yet. Hoping to take this day by day, while still working on developing content.

I took a break from that to meet up with one of my friends, even though it was running up on bedtime for me #TeamGrandma. I do have to wake up pretty early though, which is why I go to sleep so early. I was a bit upset at the timing though because I was not able to watch the Game of Thrones season finale live. I can always watch it today (writing this on Monday) when I get home after settling in and completing my tasks, but there’s always something about watching live that I love.

That was the weekend in a nutshell though! What did you all do?


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