31 Days of Gratitude| August 30th & 31st


Womp womp womp…..I didn’t finish 30 DOG in August 😦 It’s okay, only a couple of days out. I have lots of other content in between then to make up for it! I have been busy trying to get this site off the ground 🙂 So, the lateness is not in vain! How am I wrapping up my gratitude journal for the month of August? Read below to find out! Oh oh oh, before you do that….you can also check out some of my other posts that were published before this!

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With the opening of a new month and new opportunity, I want to bring something a little different to this little site of mine. I read a great post from nellytherebel.blog via a Facebook group I am in (shoutout to y’all!), which was titled: 66 Days of Gratitude: Make Gratitude a Habit.” I read it and thought, “this is great.”

1. It provides a simple way to think about the little things. As I’ve beat down on many times on here: I experience major depression and anxiety. Thankfully the depression is in a ‘trough’ right now, but anxiety is still a b*tch. This forces me to think about things that I love daily for at least a little bit.

2. I’ve said time and time again here that I want to be more consistent. This is another way to create content that is authentic and meaningful, while remaining consistent. 

With all of that being said, I would like to adapt Nelly’s 66 days to 31….one post for every day this month.

Day 30: Which hobby are you most grateful for?

Lately, I would have to say writing. Not just because of blogging, because I have not been consistent with that. I like journaling a lot, since it really helps me to alleviate immediate feelings go anxiety. I also find that it gives me a good way to see my emotions in their totality I will admit that I tend to turn to journaling more when I am in low points, but have been trying to do it daily to get a more accurate reading. I am also trying to bring this 31 Days of Gratitude to my every day life, and make sure to find something to reflect on daily.

Writing has also connected me to so many wonderful people. I do not have a strong audience as it relates to my blog, but the couple people who do read my posts consistently and interact with me….I see you! You are appreciated! I learn so much from those that I have connected with, and again, would not be exposed to these opinions if I did not continue to write.

Day 31: What gift that you received are you most grateful for?

Probably, most recently, a chain for my elephant pendant. I got an elephant pendant for my birthday when I was a sophomore in college because they are my favorite animal. I did not get chain  for it though, so I was wearing this gold pendant with any ole necklace chain, and it didn’t necessarily look the best. My dad saw how much the pendant meant to me, and got a gold chain to go with it so that I am able to wear the chain every day without any chemical changes or wear.

I would also say the gift of kindness from my mother lol. I am thankful for her allowing me to reside with her still, and save money for my future after graduating. That is by no means a free pass, but I am forever thankful to her for always being so supportive, and teaching me things she has learned from her mistakes.

I suppose that makes me think on a broader scale that I am thankful for the gift of loving and supportive parents. Given my self-esteem and state of mind at times, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the two of them as pillars. I feel doubly grateful considering that I did not grow up with both of them together, yet they still managed to successfully raise me despite their differences.

But! That’s all for my 31 Days of Gratitude! if you kept up with the series, what were your favorite posts? If you are thinking about continuing this, let me know (and be sure to credit Nelly!)


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