31 Days of Gratitude| August 8th


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Monday blues are in the past now (until next week of course)! I am trying to keep the steam on this “31 Days of Gratitude” challenge. Not going to lie, it hasn’t been hard to do, but sometimes I’m on the verge of forgetting to write the post for the next day. I could schedule, but I think I said before that I want these to be really authentic, so I’m trying to write them in a stream of consciousness way.

That’s a lot of rambling though – check out day 8!

With the opening of a new month and new opportunity, I want to bring something a little different to this little site of mine. I read a great post from nellytherebel.blog via a Facebook group I am in (shoutout to y’all!), which was titled: 66 Days of Gratitude: Make Gratitude a Habit.” I read it and thought, “this is great.”

1. It provides a simple way to think about the little things. As I’ve beat down on many times on here: I experience major depression and anxiety. Thankfully the depression is in a ‘trough’ right now, but anxiety is still a b*tch. This forces me to think about things that I love daily for at least a little bit.

2. I’ve said time and time again here that I want to be more consistent. This is another way to create content that is authentic and meaningful, while remaining consistent. 

With all of that being said, I would like to adapt Nelly’s 66 days to 31….one post for every day this month.

Day 8: Which fragrance are you most grateful for?

A comforting sweet scent. One that feels warm, and instantly makes me feel as though I’m wrapped up in a nice blanket. Vanilla.

Vanilla is my favorite scent of all time, and I love anything that is reminiscent of it. As far as fragrances go, I haven’t found one that has notes of vanilla that I really like, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

I suppose if this is talking about legitimate fragrances, I would choose Clean’s ‘Blonde Rose’ perfume. My mom brought one home since it was given to her at her job, and I’ve been using it practically every day since (or every day that I can).

Blonde Rose is not an ordinary floral fragrance, it is for anyone who loves to be feminine with an edge. A sophisticated blend of rose, jasmine, and peony, it reminds of the classic, yet modern femininity that’s fresh and sexy. Men can wear it too, especially when paired with Sueded Oud. – Sephora.com

I’m surprised I like it as much as I do, considering I usually am not a fan of floral scents.

Aldehydic Watery, Rose, Peony, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk.
Sophisticated. Classic. Feminine.  – Sephora.com

What are some fragrances/scents you all like? Also, please tell me: do my links show up for you? I really need to fix them because I feel like they don’t look like hyperlinks.

Keep up with me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM! Also drop your links below so I can check them out 😊

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