31 Days of Gratitude|August 7th



Aaaaaand, it's Monday -___- instead of getting all pissy about it though, let's get into more positive spirits. Onto day 7!


With the opening of a new month and new opportunity, I want to bring something a little different to this little site of mine. I read a great post from nellytherebel.blog via a Facebook group I am in (shoutout to y’all!), which was titled: 66 Days of Gratitude: Make Gratitude a Habit.” I read it and thought, “this is great.”

1. It provides a simple way to think about the little things. As I’ve beat down on many times on here: I experience major depression and anxiety. Thankfully the depression is in a ‘trough’ right now, but anxiety is still a b*tch. This forces me to think about things that I love daily for at least a little bit.

2. I’ve said time and time again here that I want to be more consistent. This is another way to create content that is authentic and meaningful, while remaining consistent. 

With all of that being said, I would like to adapt Nelly’s 66 days to 31….one post for every day this month.

I want to preface this by saying I usually type these as a 'stream of consciousness' posts, so I apologize if they are a little scattered. I just feel like it's the best way for me to capture my thoughts + feelings as authentically as possible.

Day 7: Which childhood games are you most grateful for?

Hmm, childhood games. I had to think about this for a little bit, but three come to mind: Cops and Robbers/Manhunt, Chutes and Ladders, and Richard Scarry's Busy Town.

I used to play Cops and Robbers and Manhunt at the house of someone who would watch me until my mom could pick me up after work. This household had 4 kids at the time, so we were always playing something either inside or outside in their yard. My favorite game we would play was cops and robbers because everyone got so into it. I remember there were times where I would legitimately feel my heart racing because I didn't want to get caught, or trying to come up with some kind of strategy to apprehend the other party/parties. It amazing to think how much creativity went into these games, and how much fun they were. We would play these games for hours and they never got old! Sometimes I wish I still had that same creative energy.

Chutes and Ladders is a classic board game, but the version I had was on a computer…..a very old ass computer at that. The same goes for Busy Town. I would really spend so much time posted up on the computer playing these at the old apartment I lived in when it was just me and my mom. I remember I would really spend a lot of time playing these on the weekends, especially Sunday afternoon's when she was preparing dinner and the like.

Not gonna lie, looking for the links for these made my tear up a little bit, especially the YouTube video of Chutes and Ladders. I deadass remember all of it lol. If I didn't know what nostalgia felt like, that was definitely it just now!

Thinking more about these games now though, there was another one from Crayola I used to like too since I enjoyed coloring a lot. I found the link for that one and did end up crying a little lol (as you can see I'm a baby). It's so crazy to me to think that now you have kids playing games with VR and all of these insane special effects, but I'm looking at these games with crappy graphics and no real objective remembering how much fun I used to have. Of course, those were "advanced" at the time in comparison to previous times, but wow. I'm in awe.

Now that I remembered those, there are a whole host of games I used to play that are coming to mind, and activities I used to enjoy:

  • playing with my Barbie Volkswagen (it was blue) – my barbies could actually sit inside, and it had a key that opened the trunk and everything
  • using my Lite Bright
  • playing with my little pop up tent house (it was a tent that looked like a house on the outside, had a flap for a door, and flaps for windows). I used to hide out in there (it was small). One particular memory from that that comes to mind was the time I took a bunch of fruit roll ups from the kitchen, stashed them in there and in my pink Powerpuff girls book bag, and ate them. I wrote about it in therapy one time and could share it one time if anyone is interested?
  • playing with my doll townhouse – I used to go HAM with that thing. For holidays, I would draw decorations and cut them out in order to decorate the house. I would make them fake food, use cotton balls to make snow for the "front yard." I would spend hours playing with that too, all in my head!

The more I think about this, the more I feel I can write, so I'm just going to stop! What are some childhood games you are grateful for? Below you can check out the computer games I mentioned (you can actually play them! They were kind of educational also which is the only reason why I'm sure I was allowed to play them):

Keep up with me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM! Also drop your links below so I can check them out 😊

If you missed the previous posts, you can check them out:


17 thoughts on “31 Days of Gratitude|August 7th

  1. Listen, ya girl LIVED for some crayola. As long as I had the art supplies I’d be making whole kingdoms and universes in my house. Me myself and I. I didn’t need anybody else to play with me, I was good. LOL. Brings back so many memories!

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