31 Days of Gratitude| August 4th


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T – G – I – F! Today I wrap up the first week of my new job! Would any of you want to hear about it? There’s a lot to share! I want to start writing more of what the micro audience I have wants to see though. Not too much of that though, let’s get into today’s post…

With the opening of a new month and new opportunity, I want to bring something a little different to this little site of mine. I read a great post from nellytherebel.blog via a Facebook group I am in (shoutout to y’all!), which was titled: 66 Days of Gratitude: Make Gratitude a Habit.” I read it and thought, “this is great.”

1. It provides a simple way to think about the little things. As I’ve beat down on many times on here: I experience major depression and anxiety. Thankfully the depression is in a ‘trough’ right now, but anxiety is still a b*tch. This forces me to think about things that I love daily for at least a little bit.

2. I’ve said time and time again here that I want to be more consistent. This is another way to create content that is authentic and meaningful, while remaining consistent. 

With all of that being said, I would like to adapt Nelly’s 66 days to 31….one post for every day this month.

Day 4: Which music are you most grateful for?

Now, like everything, I am bad at choosing one…so I won’t!

If I had to choose an artist/group, I would say Daft Punk. I first learned about them when I was in middle school after hearing the song “One More Time.” I listened to it all the time, and eventually sought out other songs from the album.

I really liked songs like “Aerodynamic,” “Veridis Quo,” “Nightvision,” “Crescendolls,” and “Too Long.” I love the whole album, but those songs stuck out to me. From there, I checked out the music videos. I really only knew of the video for “One More Time” for a while, but I watched it all the time. I loved the feel good atmosphere created in it, the band (the Crescendolls), and the fact that they were blue and lived on a planet that looked like a funky disco. This, (watching on YouTube) led me to find the other videos for the songs in the ‘Related Videos’ section. After snooping around for all of the songs, I found one that was 1 hour long called “Interstella 5555.” I realized that this was a movie! Each video for each song on the ‘Discovery’ album was a clip from the movie. I loved that concept, and fell in love with the piece (it’s about 1 hour). I asked for it for Christmas, and purchased the album. After that, I started to listen to more of their discography, especially their older works.

Currently, I am trying to collect their vinyls (I have 2 – ‘Discovery’ and ‘Random Access memories’).

I love Daft Punk because they truly let their artistry and reputation speak for them. They gave that up years ago (you can find out all about that in their documentary: ‘Daft Punk: Unchained’ – a favorite of mine). I also enjoy the different genres they include in their work, from funk to disco…it’s all very interesting to me. I could go on and on about them, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll move onto the next artist haha.

I am also grateful for Sango, but particularly his projects ‘Da Rocinha 3″ and “De Mim, Pra Voce.” If you don’t know, these titles are in Portuguese. Now, you may be wondering….Portuguese? Yes.

My father has a very varied taste in music, but he has a strong love for Brazilian music – jazz in particular, but other genres as well. This love rubbed off on me as well, and I have always had a soft spot for Brazilian music (if anyone has recommendations by the way, please let me know). I do also enjoy electronic music and hip-hop among other genres, so Sango was a breath of fresh air. He is not Brazilian, and is from Seattle. I believe he is married to a Brazilian woman though. Anyway, these projects are like “favela funk.” I can’t really describe it, so I will leave some songs below for you to see yourself:

“Respeita (ft. DKVPZ)” // De Mim, Pra Voce


“Que Nada” // De Mim, Pra Voce


“Amor No Morro” // De Mim, Pra Voce



“Nao Falo (ft. MC Nem)” // Da Rocinha 3




“Favela Madness (ft. MC Delano)” // Da Rocinha 3



“Mundanca (ft. Jarreau Vandal)” // Da Rocinha 3




What music are YOU most grateful for?

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10 thoughts on “31 Days of Gratitude| August 4th

  1. Such a refreshing post Courtenay, I relate to you so much. Gratitude is such a great way to be kind to yourself, I’m a big advocate for it. In terms of music, I’m really grateful for any music by Nigerian artists that speak Yoruba proudly! It keeps me current/fluent in understanding my mother-tongue even though I’m living in the diaspora. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! That is great, are there any artists you particularly enjoy? I have been trying to listen to more Jamaican artists outside of the dancehall genre as well. Thank you for reading.


  2. I am familiar with gratitude journals but never considered utilizing one. I have always thought of myself as a grateful person, would writing it out benefit me??? Something for me to think about!

    Liked by 1 person

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