June 2017 Favorites



*(shows are linked off so you can read the descriptions)

As far as actual television, I don’t really watch much, so I don’t have any favorites there. I have been watching more anime again thanks to my little sister. This month, I wrapped up *Attach on Titan Season 2 (I’m fully caught up in the manga though, so that’s kind of whatever). Also watched *Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased), and *Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul √A.



Like I said, Attack on Titan is always cool to watch, but the plot doesn’t really unfold as excitingly to me since I am reading the manga. That being said, it’s still really cool lol. I highly suggest that you watch it. It used to be on Netflix, but I think they took it off. If you have Hulu (or know someone’s log in info….whatever floats your boat), definitely check it out. I’ve been watching most of my anime on Hulu since their selection is wider than Netflix’s.



really liked Erased. I love psychological thrillers and mysteries, so this was a fun one to get into. I will say, I was able to figure out who the killer was a bit early on, and this was only confirmed as I watched each successive episode. With that in mind, it was fun to watch Saturo figure things out and re-adjust his actions to fix things.



Tokyo Ghoul is kick ass. This is one that has been on since I was in high school. I only really got into anime my first year of college, so I was already really behind on a lot (hence why I only watched this now). I like the action in this, and the pace as well. The first episode was a bit underwhelming to me until a certain point. If I were more impatient, I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance. I’m excited to see what becomes of season 3.



Now, before I say anything, ima need y’all that been watching the show to step off for a second. I know…

“Girl, you late!”

“Where tf you been?”

“You’re just starting now?”

Stfu, lol. Yes, I just started yesterday (I’m writing this on 6/30/17). Yes it’s the end of the month. Yes I’m still including it in my list. Now that that is out of the way, I really like this show. My cousins watch this, my friends watch…I feel like Power is like GoT for black people. I was feeling left out on Sunday’s, and really needed something to start. Nothing wrong with watching Omari Hardwick, and every episode keeps me hooked! I also like that there aren’t 10,000 episodes per season, so it’s not hard to breeze through (again, the plot definitely helps that along).


wonder woman 2017

guardians of the galaxy vol 2


I haven’t been able to watch as many movies as I wanted. This month, I was able to see *Wonder Woman and *Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Of the two, I enjoyed Guardians the most. It was pretty funny, the plot didn’t feel rushed or too dragged out, and I loved baby Groot.


Nothing really stood out to me as far as music for this month, but I have a lot that I need to listen to (when I say listen to, I mean really take time to digest). I jump on new music pretty late, so don’t be surprised if you see me talking about some big hits and releases two months from now.

The only album I’ve been playing in heavy rotation is House of Diamonds by Angelo Mota (shout out to Ankofa) (I use the song “All Over You” in my YouTube intro and outro). You can listen to it below:

My favourite songs are: Grace, Swim, Dusk, and Have a Nice Trip. 

That’s it for now though! What did you like during the month of June?


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