Rhinebeck, NY

This is just a quick post/photo journal highlighting my trip on Saturday March, 25.

My school offered a trip to Rhinebeck, NY, which is about a 30 minute ride from our campus. We only had to spend $5, and it included transportation, an opportunity to go on a small “hike.”

The weather was pretty crappy in all honesty, so we didn’t get to go on the hike as planned. We were told to just walk around and do as we pleased. With this in mind, this was how the afternoon was spent:

Pictured below are my housemate, Jamila, and my friend Kaliyah. They were hungrier than I was (since I had breakfast prior to leaving for the trip). We decided to eat at Aroi Thai. It had a really cozy atmosphere, and it looked like a house! Well, it didn’t look like a house, it was a house.

As I said above, I wasn’t very hungry, so I just got some spring rolls and coconut ice cream with roasted coconut flakes (which was vegan). The spring rolls were really filling, and the sweet chili sauce was great. These ones were filled with rice noodles I believe, as opposed to just vegetables.

The coconut ice cream was amazing. As I said above, it was vegan (which I appreciated, as I am not consuming dairy). The consistency was really creamy, which I haven’t had from coconut milk based ice creams. Usually the consistency comes off as grainy, but this was nice. It wasn’t as creamy as “normal” ice cream, but it was great. It makes me wonder if they used coconut cream as the base, rather than coconut milk?

Anyway, the toasted coconut was a great addition, and it added some great texture to the eating experience.

After eating, we walked around some and ended up in this chocolate shop, Krause’s. The stores are based in Saugurties, NY, and there is one other location in New Paltz, NY and this one in Rhinebeck which is about 3 years old.

I’m not much of a chocolate person, so I didn’t get anything. Kaliyah and Jamila had a great time though 😂 I don’t like chocolate, but everything looked delicious (and smelled great too). It’s all handmade too (in Saugurties).

The last noteworthy thing we did was go to This bookstore. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name, and I’m too lazy to get my receipt for books.

I thought is was so nice that when you first walked in, right by the cashier, there was a section of books by black authors 🤙🏾 Adjacent to that was another table with feminist books, but I didn’t take a picture of that.

More in the back, but still SUPER VISIBLE was this table with books relating to resisting. I thought that was cool.

We walked around some and went to some smaller shops and boutiques, but they were really overpriced. This is probably because the items are not massed produced or what may have you, but nah.

All in all, it’s a cute place to kill a bit of time, but not for a full out, day long excursion. It’s a place where now that I’ve gone once, I wouldn’t go back to just browse…only with the explicit intent to do something or go somewhere specific.

What in this would you like to do? And where are some places you enjoy going for day trips?

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5 thoughts on “Rhinebeck, NY

  1. Yay! Seems you had great fun, Courtnay. Now I’m feeling hungry 😦 and I need to have a taste of that coconut ice cream…and the chocolate! Fun filled trip I must say.
    What’s the name of the bookstore? I like the fact that the black authors are celebrated and there’s a section for their books….good…the owner of the bookstore must be black?
    Thanks for sharing :*

    How did your ‘Not sex’ project go?


  2. Looks like fun! Those dishes look amazing! Anytime I enter a Thai restaurant, I go all out…just can’t help myself! Bookstore looks like a lot of fun too. It’s always cool to visit lesser known spots rather than Barnes and Noble or what have you.

    I’m stuck in the city for a while here now, so thanks for letting me escape into a new city through your blogpost!


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