There Is No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism…

Ethical Living| Not

I wrote this post about me wanting to be a more conscious consumer a couple weeks ago (which you can read here). I recognized certain obstacles to this, and aspects that didn’t account for nuances such as:

  • Privilege
  • Living and breathing capitalism & consumption
  • And social norms (which I didn’t really consider)

The universe is constantly teaching me, and  giving me insight as to how I can open my mind and build every day. This time, assistance arrived in the form of THIS article titled, “Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world” by Alden Wicker. The article makes points that argue how “Making series of small, ethical purchasing decisions while ignoring the structural incentives for companies’ unsustainable business models won’t change the world as quickly as we want. It just makes us feel better about ourselves.” Now, this was kind of what I started to get at in my post, as this hope was brought about after considering the sociological imagination. I fell into the trap though of not addressing the structural factors, and defaulting to individualistic “solutions.”

The article proposes that we shouldn’t stop making small, green decisions, but we also need to direct those efforts (and dollars) to lobbying, volunteering, and supporting on-ground organizations that combat issues of sustainability. I don’t want to do much summarizing, as I do not want to misconstrue the message. I highly recommend reading though.

What do you think? What are some things you do to become an ethical/conscious consumer?

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