Thoughts| “The Churched Black Feminist” by Jamie D Crumley

I was on Instagram and ended up reading this post called “The Churched Black Feminist” written by Jamie D. Crumley over at To sum up the main idea of the post, the author is basically proposing the question of whether religion and feminism are antithetical to one another (author thinks no), and if one can consider themselves a faithful Christian and a feminist (author thinks yes).

I wasn’t able to state my opinion very eloquenty, but Instagram user superniggafeminist was able to capture my thoughts, and then some in her response:

I too have found myself identifying more as spiritual, rather than religious as my body of knowledge increases, and I attempt to learn more about other groups of people. In my opinion, I think that there are too many politics attached to religion (as @superniggafeminist states, and Jamie explains as well). There are also too many contradictory messages for me. I admit, there is ignorance on my end, but I do not see how one can exercise compassion and love for another, regardless of lifestyle (whether that encompass homosexuality, premarital sex, sexual liberation, etc) but still believe them to be damned. These words may not accurately capture the full scope of what I mean, but yeah.

Also, as pointed out above, there are too many other messages in the Bible and other religious text that negate the argument being made in this post. The few examples given do not encompass the nuances feminist thought and values support.

You can view the post here to read the author’s points, and further develop your thoughts. You can also view the Instagram post here which contains the commentary I mentioned above.

What are your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Thoughts| “The Churched Black Feminist” by Jamie D Crumley

  1. Good write up! I too find myself being more spiritual than religious due to the fact that religion is political. I actually read an article the other day that stated that more millennials are calling themselves spiritual rather than professing a specific religion.

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  2. I too started identifying as spiritual rather than religious. Overall, I’m just trying to put good out in the world and hopefully receive it as well. I find that religion puts too many barriers on what good even means aka making it political. I like this me something to think about and also makes me feel like I should do some more research on the intersection of religion and thanks for inspiring that!

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  3. As this is something that I’m trying to reconcile in my life currently, I had to go on over and read the post because when you described it, I wanted it to win. But unfortunately, I think the critique that the examples are just now strong enough is spot on. Honestly, the woman with the issue of blood does not translate to feminist. Jesus obviously loved everybody, which includes women. But that is not a direct correlation to anything feminist so the argument sadly fell short for me as well.


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