Ethical Consumerism

Want to try to live more ethically, or at least be more intentional about the things I do in my every day life. I’ve been slowly trying to do this, but as I begin this transition out of college and into “the real world,” I want to practice holding myself more accountable for my decisions.

In a piece we were assigned for my sociology course titled, “The Forest, the Trees, and the One Thing.” In it, there is much discussion about systems and parts, and how people participate in systems without being parts of them. Part of this piece also touches on how we can kind of dictate how we participate in a system while it’s acting upon us, even if we can’t necessarily separate ourselves from it.

It is with this in mind that I want to embark on this task. Not from a self-righteous standpoint or anything, just simply because I know I am part of a network of people, and if we collectively acted in ways that took others into account, the world could be a better place.

Two places I want to start with this are: clothing and food. I briefly mentioned how I am trying to minimize my wardrobe (and have been for some time), but I want to extend that to getting my clothes from places that treat their workers well, and that use materials that aren’t harmful or processes that are sustainable. The same goes for my food. Part of these thoughts stem from reading “Where Am I Wearing?” back in high school (I was gifted this book by my AP Human Geography teacher – she was so nice), and I was also given “Where Am I Eating?” by the same author at the conclusion of the year.

Do you all know of any grocery stores or places that sell food that is ethically sources? Both from animals and the workers? I tried looking this up but only found articles and lists that takes about the food itself…nothing about the people that harvest or raise it.

Well, these are just some thoughts. I’m always caught in this bind though because cost factors into things for me personally (broke + in college + limited transportation etc), but I do want to try to exercise good karma including the things I place in and on my body.

Enough rambling though!


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