Fall 2016 Semester Goals: Recap

Hey hey hey.

In trying to keep up with posting semi-regularly, here is another post touching on the semester. This time, I want to recap my Fall 2016 Semester Goals to see which ones I achieved (and which ones I fell short on).

If you’re interested in seeing if I succeeded, keep reading!



  • Keep a planner. I was gifted this really nice planner over the summer, and immediately took to using it. It really helped with keeping dates and deadlines in one place, as well as keeping small goals for the week. This didn’t necessarily translate to keeping up with everything on my end, but I did use the planner to the fullest.


  • Figure out what I want to do. Luckily, I was able to finally clamp down on a career path after much confusion and difficulty setting my eyes on one thing (for now). After graduating, I want to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Finally deciding this has opened up a whole new set of worries, but it has also laid to rest many others. I am excited to continue on this path, and bring you all along on this journey. 


  • Complete all assignments for the week on timeThis one is kind of a yes and a no. I completed pretty much all of my major assignments with a decent amount of time left to edit my work, which was great.However, I wasn’t finishing study guides with lots of leftover time, nor was I completing readings after a certain point. This is something I really need to change this semester. 




  • All A’s. I came so close to reaching this one. I finished with a Pass (fieldwork is a Pass/Fail grade), two A-‘s (capping and Foundations of Cognitive Science), and a B+ in Sensation and Perception. I did say in my post that I would be happy with 2 B+’s and 2 A’s, so I was at least pretty spot on with that! Hoping for better next semester!


  • Cook more at home/snack smarter. Started off well (as usual), but as the semester wore on I got more and more lazy. I also do not drive, so getting rides to the supermarket was also difficult, so I didn’t always have the food I needed. I am trying to prepare in advance this time around my seasoning up chicken and freezing it when I get to school. This way, I can thaw out the portions I need and just cook them for the week. The only thing I need to remember is to pack my food with me so I don’t end up getting unnecessary snacks (which I can’t really since $$). 


  • Maintain some kind of fitness routine. This crashed and burned after about the third week of school,which was upsetting considering I lost about 5 pounds. Really going to make an effort to force that time into my schedule this semester so it becomes a habit. 


Complete Fails


  • Self-hosting. almost did it during the summer! But then I couldn’t figure out what I was doing, panicked, and chickened out. Plus, this is a bit of an investment that I can’t commit to at the moment, so I suppose this is for the better. 


  • Collaborate with other bloggers. Again, nope. Barely went on my social media accounts or anything. Can’t promise that I’ll get better at this, since I can’t even post properly on my site. This brings me to my last fail…


  • Post twice a week. I went months without posting one post….not one! This was just me not prioritizing. I also lost some guest post opportunities which was me not keeping track of blog related work. Again, I will schedule blogging into my schedule so it is more of a priority in the upcoming months. 


Well, that’s all for my goal recap! What are some goals you made last semester? Which ones did you accomplish?


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4 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Semester Goals: Recap

  1. The cooking at home thing can weirdlly be super hard due to the car thing! I have the same problem with relying on others for grocery trips, though I’m trying to buy more things that can be frozen, like chicken and veggies, in larger quantities this semester so I don’t have to go as often. And I wish you the best at all A’s this time around. Also, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Here’s the link: https://andlivloves.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/one-lovely-blog-award/

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