Spring Semester Goals

As I write this, it is Saturday, and I return to campus tomorrow for my final semester of my undergraduate career. As I’ve stated before, going back to school is never really something that is exciting for me, but it’s the end! Since I am in this period of transition (moving into “adulthood”), I have some goals I would like to achieve. 

If you’re interested in learning what they are, read ahead!



1. Actually complete all assignments on time. I said I was going to do this last semester,  but that didn’t really work out too well. I had a good grasp on everything in the beginning of the semester, but once fieldwork kicked in things got a bit too hectic. My schedule is pretty strict this semester, so I’m hoping to carve out time to actually ensure that my readings and assignments are done on time. This shouldn’t be too bad, considering I am only taking 3 “real” classes (maybe even 2) and then just fieldwork. 

2. Dean’s List. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to make Dean’s List this semester (which is a 3.7 at my school). I came close last semester, but fell a bit short. I hope to finish off with all A’s (and a Pass for fieldwork), and my name on the Dean’s List. 

3. Keep energized. I have had a problem staying awake in class since the end of middle school/beginning of high school. This hasn’t been a huge problem since I still manage to understand material and take notes (most of the time), however, I can do better. Sometimes I am so weak and tired that I K.O. during a lecture, and then I don’t take any notes. When this happens, and it’s time for me to study, I end up missing entire chunks of information. Hoping to take care of myself so this doesn’t become a pattern (again). 



1. Successfully apply for a job. I have to take a year (or two) off in order to prepare myself for graduate school since I am missing some prerequisites. With this in mind, I need to find work. I want to gain experience as a rehabilitation aide during this time off, and I want to obtain this job out of school.

2. Pass Biology. I know this is more of an academic goal from the outside, but trust me it belongs here. I don’t need Bio in order to graduate, but I need it to apply to grad school and eventually jump start my career. Thus, it’s pretty important that I pass the class.



1. Start exercising at least 2 days a week. Started off with a bang last semester, but that didn’t keep on. I found time to do this in the mornings, but again once I started fieldwork this became difficult, as I no longer had the chunks in my day to go to the empty gym that I had in the beginning of the semester. I think I will work this into my schedule as well, and create some sort of “checklist calendar” to keep me visually accountable (if that makes sense).

2. Transition to a Paleo diet. I already started cutting dairy from my diet last semester and was pretty successful with that. I slipped a bit, but I’m getting back to it since it’s not that difficult. The main thing I am having problems with is not having grains. For the most part I don’t eat too many grain items, but there’s certain things I love like wraps for sandwiches, burgers (so buns), and oatmeal. I think I will just slowly start by replacing certain items, and researching alternatives.

3. Maintain positivity/lessen anxiety. I beat myself up a lot over things, and stress a lot without trying. I know there are factors that won’t make this semester that great for me, but I do not want to wallow in this and end up miserable for the five months I am there. Instead, I want to finish off this semester, and my undergrad college experience on a high note.



1. Get back to posting. I fell completely off of the wagon when it came to my blog, and it’s not okay. I had so many ideas and so much I wanted to keep track of, but taking the time out to format everything was just not in the cards. This is why I really want to get going with this video thing, so that even if I can’t post, there’s still some kind of material there.

2. Better quality camera. This has been on my bucket list for a few months now, but of course that costs money. I would really like to have a better quality camera for pictures and videos on here. Pictures are less of a priority for me since I won’t be reviewing too many things on here anymore, but definitely for video.

3. Having fun. With everything becoming so monetized, sometimes it gets easy to get lost in all of these growth strategies and “make money off of ____” tips. I just want to have fun with everything I am doing with Courtenay’s Beauty Box, and see where it takes me. If that is nowhere, that’s fine!

That’s all for now!


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