Where Have I Been/What’s Next + Video

Long time no chat my friends. I apologize, I really do, but I can’t promise that it will change. I can say that I would like to be more effortful with my blog this year, but I am just going to take things one day at a time.

With that being said, I wanted to devote the first post of 2017 to addressing where the hell I’ve been since this summer, as well as what I am looking forward in the future personally, academically, and so forth. I mention all of these things in the video as well, but if it’s not your cup of tea, you can get the run down here! But, without further ado:

Where Have I Been


Boyfriend: I’m cuffed y’all 🙂 Got into a relationship this year with a wonderful guy, and I’m really happy. With all of the stress that has been 2016, it’s been great having someone by my side who’s able to keep me grounded and who is just a big source of happiness. Shout out to you :*

Happiness: As I’ve touched on in a couple of posts here, I struggled with depression for many years. This was exacerbated in college for a number of reasons, and this year was the one I decided I was done. While I’ve encountered a few dips here and there, my overall happiness has been so much greater than ever in my life. Relationship aside, I’m really learning more about myself, and growing into myself as well (if that makes sense). Part of this journey has been detaching a lot so that I could focus on things that immediately kept building on this.


I don’t think I ever formally talked about it, but at the end of August I was accepted into the fellowship program with Breakthrough U.S. (which lasts an entire academic year). They’re a human rights organization working to end gender based violence through culture change, and as fellows, we try to bring that work to our own college campuses. We do this by developing an iconic, disruptive action that we plan for the first half of the semester by doing different analyses. Then, for the second half of the semester, we plan and execute our action. Mine will tackle slut shaming, but that’s all I’m going to mention here since I’ll probably devote a whole series of posts about my work with that.

I’ve been having such a great time working with them, and I’m learning so much! The number of opportunities that have arisen from this fellowship are amazing! For instance, I was able to speak at the U.N., I’ve been able to share ideas for more inclusive measures with administration at my school, and much more. To be honest, I should have been documenting things here as they pertain to the fellowship, but I will try my best to keep up once that is up and running again. As a matter of fact, I might write about my action plan after my pitch next week (Jan. 10).

Look out for posts about work relating to the project, as well as struggles I encounter navigating activism on college campuses.


As you may or may not know, I am a college student. This is also my senior year of college! As such, there’s been a lot of ish going on as far as me finishing up, catching up, and balancing.

Classes: Classes (fortunately) weren’t too bad this semester, as I’m basically finished. This semester I took two classes for my minor, one class of fieldwork, and capping. The classes weren’t bad, and neither was fieldwork (kind of). If anything, the way everything was set up with my schedule kind of messed me up a bit as far as taking care of myself. I fared out well though, receiving 2 A-‘s, a B+, and “Pass” for fieldwork.

Fieldwork: For my major (I’m a psychology major), we are required to complete 6 credits of fieldwork. I decided to break this down by doing 3 credits each semester, consisting of 9 hours a week for 15 weeks. This was a bit of a process as far as the nitty gritty stuff required to get me there, but the site itself and those who supervised me were amazing 🙂 I rotated through Neurology in the local hospital as my fieldwork placement, primarily observing patients with movement disorders (though I did get to see other conditions as well). I say this was a process because it was a site that I proposed and set up for myself since it’s not really a “typical” site students seek out. With that, I got started  a bit later than everyone else, so I had to spend a lot of time making up hours. This kind of threw me off, as I was sometimes completing 16 hours or a bit more in a week where I should be doing 9 just to meet the requirement. This also took out availability for other things I wanted to do (study, homework, meetings, sleep), so my scheduling was really thrown off as a result. Like I said though, it was all worth it because I loved the site and everyone I worked with. They’re amazing people, and the experience has really solidified the direction I want to take my future.

BSU: An opportunity came up in the beginning of the semester for me to become part of the executive board for the Black Student Union, so I joined as the Public Relations officer. There was (of course) the PR related stuff, but there was also a lot of planning and other tasks as well that sometimes amounted to be time consuming. The experience has been cool though! It was really a good chance, like everything this semester has been, to come out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

Research: I’ve been working on my same research project forever and finally got to the data collection stage this semester. However, I had to re-make my stimuli since my pilot study wasn’t too successful. I still met with my lab group though which was refreshing.

School – Other

Activism: Without getting into too many details, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to initiate changes in my college in areas I wish had better served me and other students who resonate with similar concerns. Much of this work has spurred from my work with Breakthrough as far as having the “guts” to approach these concerns, but also just based on my lived experience. Some of these efforts thus far have included many meetings with students and professors, developing a pseudo-qualitative study, creating proposals, etc…

I’ll probably document progress with some of these things as well moving forward so that I can hold myself accountable and get some input!

Career Prep

I scared myself out of deciding to pursue Occupational Therapy as a career after undergrad after a lab group member turned me on to it.  For the whole summer, and about half the semester, I was going to do Peace Corps or Americorps after graduating since I had no idea what I was doing, but this semester has steered my back in that direction. As such, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do…

Pre-requisite courses: I’m missing pre-reqs I would need for graduate school, so I spent lots of time figuring out how best to fit that into my remaining time. With that being said, a lot of money was spent, and I’m still stressed. As I write this though, I will be completing one pre-requisite by next week, leaving me to complete two more.

Observation hours: I wasn’t able to get into a site to obtain observation hours last summer which was discouraging, and part of the reason why I almost abandoned the idea of O.T. Once I invested money into preparation though, I had to find a way to make those hours happen. I did!

Research: Graduate school is a whole other investment, so I’ve been spending a lot of time just researching the career, schools, cost, and more. I’ve also started looking for job options for the interim period between me graduating and applying to school by going to career services.

As you can see, this semester has been a giant ball of stress, and it will only continue next semester. I’m still excited though, as I have much more direction than I did in the beginning of the semester. This is already super long though, so I’ll talk about what’s upcoming in the next post.

Until next time,



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