September 2017 Favorites

The posts namesake. I love 80s music, and more particularly electronic and pop. This album gives me all of that. It’s by a group called Cut Copy, and it was made in 2013 I believe. My favourite tracks are, “Footsteps,” “We Are Explorers,” and “Dark Corners & Mountain Tops.” I like all the songs really, but those ones make me happiest.

Fandango came in clutch Labor Day weekend. I was home visiting since my dads birthday was the Saturday (Sept. 3). Friday night, I was sitting on the couch at my moms, finished for the night with my schoolwork. I was browsing my email and saw that I had been sent a $5 ticket thing to see Nerve, so of course I used it. Movies are close to $15 where I live sometimes (okay, more like $12), so I thought why not. There weren’t many seats taken, and it had been on my watchlist. I really liked it! Fittingly with my first favourite, I love the soundtrack. The music in the movie was a good blend of the aforementioned sounds and some other more retro sounds/contemporary stuff. Loved the colour scheme too!

via Google Images

The last thing I started enjoying (and in retrospect since it’s now NOVEMBER) is my fellowship with Breakthrough! I’m hoping to incorporate a couple of posts relating to that soon 🙂

Apologies for not posting this way earlier! School has been CRAZY! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves though 🙂


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