#GivingTuesday with Breakthrough U.S.!

Hey there everyone!

I mentioned very briefly in my September (or October) Favourites that I am participating in a fellowship with Breakthrough U.S. We are a human rights organization working to end gender based violence each and every day through culture change! I’m beyond grateful to have been granted such an opportunity, and very happy with the work I have been doing. I know in the Bloggersphere, we are often bombarded by links to companies and so on and so forth, so you may not be inclined to click this, however, I promise you this is worth it.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, and in the post linked below, all Breakthrough is asking is that *you* share ideas for an action that can help create SAFE and INCLUSIVE spaces for college students across the country. Not hard at all, right? Start a discussion with your friends! Tag ’em into the post if you’d like! Share it! Most of all, don’t shy away from posting because you are embarrassed of an idea, or think that it is “stupid.” There’s power in words, and yours matter 😊

Check out the post here

Btw, not kidding when I say you should share. I spent my first 3 in college analyzing things on campus that I felt weren’t being handled properly, and that made students feel unwelcomed, but never thought I could do much to fix it. While it is proving to be a lot of hard work, working with, and sharing my ideas with Breakthrough has really helped me find my voice, and validate my observations. I have never felt as empowered to make on-ground change as I am now, and that is something I will always be thankful for. So, please don’t think your ideas are too small 💕

Have a great day!



Review: TRAVELS by Michael Crichton Review

I received this book as a gift from my advisor last fall semester or this past spring (I can’t remember), and it has truly changed my life a bit. I was thinking about making a video for this, but haven’t had time (this post was supposed to be published months ago – oops).

From the bestselling author of Jurassic ParkTimeline, and Sphere comes a deeply personal memoir full of fascinating adventures as he travels everywhere from the Mayan pyramids to Kilimanjaro.

Fueled by a powerful curiosity—and by a need to see, feel, and hear, firsthand and close-up—Michael Crichton’s journeys have carried him into worlds diverse and compelling—swimming with mud sharks in Tahiti, tracking wild animals through the jungle of Rwanda. This is a record of those travels—an exhilarating quest across the familiar and exotic frontiers of the outer world, a determined odyssey into the unfathomable, spiritual depths of the inner world. It is an adventure of risk and rejuvenation, terror and wonder, as exciting as Michael Crichton’s many masterful and widely heralded works of fiction. – Amazon.com

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September 2017 Favorites

The posts namesake. I love 80s music, and more particularly electronic and pop. This album gives me all of that. It’s by a group called Cut Copy, and it was made in 2013 I believe. My favourite tracks are, “Footsteps,” “We Are Explorers,” and “Dark Corners & Mountain Tops.” I like all the songs really, but those ones make me happiest.

Fandango came in clutch Labor Day weekend. I was home visiting since my dads birthday was the Saturday (Sept. 3). Friday night, I was sitting on the couch at my moms, finished for the night with my schoolwork. I was browsing my email and saw that I had been sent a $5 ticket thing to see Nerve, so of course I used it. Movies are close to $15 where I live sometimes (okay, more like $12), so I thought why not. There weren’t many seats taken, and it had been on my watchlist. I really liked it! Fittingly with my first favourite, I love the soundtrack. The music in the movie was a good blend of the aforementioned sounds and some other more retro sounds/contemporary stuff. Loved the colour scheme too!

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The last thing I started enjoying (and in retrospect since it’s now NOVEMBER) is my fellowship with Breakthrough! I’m hoping to incorporate a couple of posts relating to that soon 🙂

Apologies for not posting this way earlier! School has been CRAZY! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves though 🙂