Fix Breakouts with Tea Tree Oil (plus extra uses)


Tea Tree Oil to Fight Acne

Tea tree oil is a great for fighting fungus and microbial problems. It is often used in shampoos, ointment, wipes, and creams to provide relief from inflammation and itching. With this in mind, here are my top three uses for tea tree oil.


I had a pretty bad breakout on my face (which is still healing as I write this). It’s the kind that occurs in clusters (for me on both of my cheeks), the bumps aren’t very big, and tend to be filled with water and pus (I know – disgusting). For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what to do about it. I went back to washing my face with raw African black soap which I had ceased since I didn’t have any while I was away at my dad’s and that helped a little. It didn’t clear it up though. Last night (which by the time this posted will be weeks before), I was washing my face to prepare for bed and decided to use some tea tree oil we have around. I placed about two drops in each of the affected areas of my face, rubbed it in, and let it absorb. When I woke up the next day, the areas were significantly less inflamed, and thus appeared smaller. I am going to continue to do this since tea tree oil has very good anti-inflammatory properties, often making it a top choice in skincare options for my acne prone and oily folks out there.

Scalp/Dandruff Relief 

When my scalp is feeling especially dry and flaky, I like to massage tea tree oil onto my scalp. If my scalp is feeling this way because of dryness, this helps to moisturize without feeling too heavy. If this occurs because of product buildup/dirt (i.e. from wearing braids perhaps), this helps to lift some of that and provide a mild cleanse.

Ingrown Hair Prevention/Relief

I like adding tea tree oil to moisturizers or diluting it and applying it to area that I am prone to getting ingrown hairs. The oil helps to loosen the hairs by reducing swelling/inflammation that occurs at the site. The anti-bacterial properties further aid in this. So, if you don’t have the money to throw in for a serum, try this in the meantime. Results are not instant, but over time you should see a reduction. Since it’s natural, I think it is pretty safe to use even on your privates (not inside of course – that would burn) maybe a day or so after shaving or waxing. Always test first to ensure you won’t have any adverse reactions.

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