August 2016 Favorites

The Upside Down_ August Favourites

August has been trippy. Stay weird folks 👽

Stranger Things + Soundtrack

 I’m a sucker for synth. My guilty pleasure is 80s music. My favourite show is “The Twilight Zone.” This show is something only heaven could could create for me. It’s very X-Files meets Twilight Zone. Great characters.

  • Only 8 episodes, so it’s easy to get through
  • Takes place in the 80s, very retro vibe. I love films and shows from that decade, so I’m a fan of films and shows that pay homage to that (like ‘It Follows’)
  • Huge mindfuck. I’m a fan of The Twilight Zone, and I started getting into the X-Files (but need to get back to it). If you’re into those kinds of things, this is definitely for you
  • Good balance. Wasn’t bored with any of the episodes, as everything was pretty well paced in my opinion
  • Also: how great is it to see Winona Ryder?! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Questions for the next season:

  • Where is Eleven?!  Is she actually dead? Is she floating around somewhere in The Upside Down? What does Hopper know? He did bring those Eggos after all, and he took that car ride with the “Bad Men” too.
  • Where is Eleven actually from? We know she came from this testing facility run by “Papa,” but what about her life with her mother? What happened when she was taken away?
  • What’s up with Will? Puking up other-worldly slugs? Is he still in The Upside Down? What’s going on?

Vanity Planet Spin Brush Set (Body Brush)

I’ve been using this to cleanse my body, and I must say it’s made a great difference in the texture of my skin. I like using this paired with my H2O Sea Salt Body Scrub. I double this up for my face too by just washing my face in the shower and I find that it works nicely without being too harsh on my skin.

Essential Oils/Oils


I’ve been giving my skin a break this month and focusing on getting it healthy. As such, I’ve been trying to use more natural products like my mom would. I’ve been using tea tree oil for my face to reduce dark spots and get rid of acne, rinsing with it – mixed with mouthwash to help with post-wisdom teeth extraction mouth health (more on that later), and treating bug bites. I’ve been using peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to ward off bugs since I stupidly decided to sit out in the backyard one day without any protection. Lastly, I’ve been using a mix of olive oil and grapeseed oil to moisturize my skin.

Well, that’s it! I was kind of out of it this month since I got my wisdom teeth removed/have been getting ready for school. Hope you enjoyed! Good luck to everyone in school!






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