6 Ways You Should Be Using Oils In Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Hacks_ Oils EditionOils. Nothing new in my home, or many others, but over the past year or so they’ve been blowing up in the beauty/skincare world. Today, I’d like to share some of the ways I like to use oils for my self-care and beauty needs. If you’re interested, keep reading!




This is something I’ve only recently started doing, but since I’ve started I haven’t turned back. Not only does this help hairs slick off easier, but it keeps your skin moisturized after you’re done as well. I find that I usually don’t need to moisturize my skin with lotion once I’m finished and out of the shower (for my legs, for example). I haven’t tried this method dry skinned, but again, since oils are moisturizing I think this would be useful if you are in a crunch and can’t bother wetting your skin first.

For this I prefer to use olive oil and coconut oil

Scalp/Hair Moisturizer


This really depends on your hair type, but I love using oils to moisturize my scalp and sometimes my hair. My hair is more of a fine texture, so butters and creams weigh down my hair over time and produces a lot of buildup. I find that oils are lighter and allow me to use them almost daily between washes.

For this I prefer using grape seed oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil for itching.

Face Cleanser/Makeup Remover


I admit I haven’t been doing this as much as I used to last year, but I really liked using a light oil to remove my makeup and “cleanse” my face. I would pour a bit into my hand and massage it into my face. Once it looked like all of my makeup was off, I would take my washcloth and wipe it all off. You could go back and do that again just to remove any extra bits as well. Personally, I would go back in to wash my face with Raw African Black soap, but not always. I only did this at night though. In the morning I would just cleanse my face with the soap.

For reference, I have combination oily skin in the warmer months of the year and normal-combo skin in the more cold months. Using oil on my skin like this doesn’t aggravate it, cause it to break out more, or produce more oil.

For this I prefer using sweet almond oil or saffron oil.

Skin Moisturizer


I touched on this a bit in the first point, but using oil as a moisturizer is very nice. I can’t speak for those with drier skin with absolute certainty, but I would imagine this is a great option for everyone. It’s light enough to use in the warmer months, and rich enough (not in texture) to penetrate the skin and keep the skin hydrated during colder and drier months. i also prefer using oil from an economical standpoint: depending on the type (probably not coconut since everyone and their mom uses that now so it’s expensive as hell), you can get a pretty decent amount for $5 or so (certainly enough to last you a year or more – especially considering you don’t need to use a lot).

For this I like using coconut oil, olive oil, or sweet almond oil



Now, I’m not sure if this directly counts as a beauty hack, but if you ever get makeup on your walls (transfer from hands – it happens), you can use a spot of oil on a paper towel to wipe it of! It doesn’t smudge and gets it off in an instant! I found this out one day when I still had some makeup on my hand from using my beauty blender and steadied myself by putting my hand on the wall fixing my shoe. I got a bit of makeup on the wall, and my mom was pretty mad. I remembered how easily it removed makeup from my face, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it on the wall…and it worked!



This is a life-saving one for me. I use either 1 part oil to 2 parts shampoo, or about half and half of each in a bowl and deep clean my brushes this way. I was looking for a method that made this process go by with ease for the longest time, and this was the answer. I’m guilty of allowing a lot of gunk to stay on my brushes before washing them, so I really needed something that would lift all of that out. This is a really inexpensive method, and it keeps your brushes in good condition since it doesn’t dry the bristles out. I’m still looking for a way to better clean my BeautyBlenders though without having to buy the soap!

For this I like to use olive oil.

Well, there you have it! Those are my beauty hacks for oils. I hope these were useful! Do any of you use oil in your beauty routine?




5 thoughts on “6 Ways You Should Be Using Oils In Your Beauty Routine

  1. Great post! I find that oils are so good for hair, especially the ones you listed, but I never seem to use them because I get too lazy, will have to change that soon though! Thanks for sharing xx


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