Chatty GRWM 8/25/16| I’ll Be Bald By The End of the Semester

Chatty GRWM I'll Be Bald By The End Of The Semester

Trying this new thing out where I vlog, but I’ll still have the gist of the video in the blog. Sometimes with certain content I feel videos are better (makeup application), but other times I get annoyed clicking a blog post thinking I’ll see text and it’s just a video. You can’t always watch a video due to location (etc…), and sometimes you don’t feel like reading. I wanna marry the two here!

Also forgive me for having a weird posting schedule, I have posts scheduled, but sometimes things come up (like this). You will see a post on here every Monday, but sometimes you’ll still see another post here during the week if anything else cool happens/I have something to talk about.

Soon, basically in the video below I go through my usual summer routine and talk about my worries for my capping class this semester. If you want to see the products I use to get the look, they’ll be posted below the video!

So, here is the look I go for 99.9999% of the time when I wear makeup. I’m pretty simple, and love the way golds look on me, so that is what I wear. Don’t make fun of the picture, I can’t smile in photos so either look like a bitch or make stupid faces (hence below).


  • Lancome Energie De Vie Water Infused Creamprep and moisturize face. You can use anything really, I just needed to max out my points to stay VIB so I splurged on this a while back.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer: I’ve been using this as an alternative to my Becca mattifying primer and I like it! It does a good job of keeping my skin matte, and I think I’ll use this more for every day since I don’t have deep enough pockets to keep buying the Becca one. I’ll save that for special occasions
  • Kiss NY Aqua BB CreamL I F E. Given to me by the beauty supply store gawds for $7.99. My G.O.A.T. face product.
  • Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Mahogany: ever since I saw thomasadrianna on YouTube talk about this, it’s been my go-to for “contouring” if I can call it that on me. It’s a nice colour and isn’t too muddy looking.
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz: just got this a couple weeks ago but never had a brush that applied it the way I wanted, so since I got this fan brush I decided to give it a go. Usually I use the Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow.
  • L’oreal True Match Pressed Powder in Creme Cafe:  pretty standard, not much to say about it. Well, it’s good, and the shade range is good. It’s great that there’s options for different undertones.


  • E.L.F. Brow Cream in Medium Brown: works nicely, but it makes me nervous. This is mostly because of my lack of skill with brow gel/cream products. This shade looks much lighter in the pot than it applies. It matches my brows still though.
  • Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator in Level 10I like these because you get two colours in one and they last a while. I rotate between this and the L.A. Girl Pro Concealers (since people don’t buy these up and I can actually find them).
  • Covergirl Prism Eyeshadows in 705 ‘Go For The Golds”: a very nice drugstore quad. I can’t speak on the other shades, but these ones are very creamy and pigmented (maybe with the exception of the yellow shade). The two middle shades are my favourite to use. You can easily apply them with your fingers.
  • Smash box Full Exposure Mascara: honestly only have this because I got it in a sample. It’s really nice though! My lashes are curly so as always I can’t speak to its ability to hold curl, but it does a great job of lengthening my lashes and making them more visible. Who’s got money for that doeeeeeeeeeee haha.


  • BeautyBlender: everyone and their mom has one, they’re cool. They absorb lots of product though, so if you’re using a more liquid formula/need lots of coverage, watch how you apply with this.
  • Real Techniques Miracle Sponge: I honestly don’t see much of a difference between this and the BeautyBlender even though I see lots of people preferring the BB. If anything, I find myself reaching for this more because it has the flat side too, but to each his or her own. This is 1/4 of the price of the BB though, so I would try this. Still looking to try the BH Cosmetics sponge too!
  • Bh Cosmetics Brushes from “Pink-a-Dot” set: The crease brush from this set is a favourite of mine, as is the big fan brush. The flat eye brush didn’t really get too much use from me until I started using this brow cream, but it works nicely for cleaning up brows with concealer.
  • Wet n’ Wild Fan Brush: (will be talking about these soon – stay tuned): Bomb. Contrary to the scratching sound in the video, it’s very soft.

Until next time,




11 thoughts on “Chatty GRWM 8/25/16| I’ll Be Bald By The End of the Semester

    • Aw thanks! Just made it yesterday 😊 So glad you enjoyed it! I was very nervous! I’ve liked your content so far! Going to sub back from this channel. Thanks so much for watching, and thanks for your thoughts 🙂


  1. I love the setup you did for this! I’m like you, I feel its a good idea to have different methods of people seeing your stuff! I try to do that for my own videos…which reminds I need to get back on my youtube game haha! Just subscribed to you and gave your vid a like!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

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