Fall 2016 Semester Goals

Fall 2016 Semester Goals

The few weeks before returning to campus are always bittersweet (at least for me they are). I enjoy being back home and around my friends, able to actually partake in activities, and not feel like I’m stuck in a bubble of b.s. Usually, I’m an anxious wreck during the weeks leading up to school, and extremely dread it in the immediate week leading up to move-in. This time, I am hoping for things to be different since this is my last year of college. I usually set out to achieve some form of goals for the upcoming semester, but abandon them altogether after the first few weeks. This time around, I hope to stick through with them for the entire semester! 

Interested in seeing what my fall 2016 goals are? Keep reading!



1. Complete all assignments for the week on timeThere was a time when I used to complete my assignments with days in between to relax, but then I started working more, got a Netflix account, and my MDD climaxed, so my schoolwork became more and more rushed. This never affected my grades, or caused my GPA to slide, but it did end up becoming a huge source of anxiety I hope to eliminate this by actually devoting time to my assignments. This brings me to my next goal…

2. Keep a planner. I always manage to get myself one of those free planners the school gives to freshman *cough* but never actually use them except for when I forget my notebooks for class. The closest I came to doing this was buying one of those giant desk calendars and writing the due dates of my assignments there. I hope to transfer this practice to a planner so that I can keep my assignments (and life) more organized.

3. All A’s. This isn’t unobtainable. Most semesters I’ve come close to this, usually leaving with just one class that was a B+. I’m *hoping* to finish this semester with an A in each class, but realistically I’d be happy with 2 B+’s and 2 A’s. 



1. Figure out what I want to do. I am a psychology major, and I have no clue what I want to do upon graduating. I’m hoping my fieldwork experiences and just life as it goes help to point me toward a more definitive direction. I’m a firm believer in doing, but not stressing though, so I’m just going to continue to take opportunities and forge my way forward, but not bulldoze my way toward anything (I have too many interests and still want to explore them). 

2. Cook more at home/snack smarter. When it comes to healthy eating, I don’t do too bad of a job as long as I make my own food. However, this is a struggle to maintain for me. I will usually start off the semester making my own meals, but due to pure laziness and strange scheduling, end up stopping and eating like crap/like a bird. This coupled with a lack of activity causes me to gain weight over time. I have spent this summer practicing prepping meals for a week at a time, and hope to continue this on my own once I am back on campus. 

3. Maintain some kind of fitness routine. Again, like food, I always start off strong, but most of the time because of laziness end up stopping. I discussed how I started walking and even that stopped. My goal is to find activities I can do that aren’t boring/provide enough variety so that I can’t make excuses. This might be challenging though since I’m not a fan of home workouts, but also am phobic of lifting at the gym. I suppose a sub goal here is to get over my gym anxiety and also derive more pleasure from working out in the house. 



1. Self-hosting? I’ve been toying around with the idea of self-hosting for a while now, and would really like to at this point just for the overall freedom and more free reign when it comes to design. 

2. Collaborate with other bloggers. Now that I feel I am getting back into the swing of things, including being more active on my blog’s social media accounts, I would like to work more with other bloggers just to interact more. It’s been really fun talking to people on Twitter and seeing what people are up to on Instagram, so I would like to extend that. 

3. Post twice a week. I still haven’t quite gotten a schedule down, though the closest I always come is three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). I would like to try to post twice a week in an effort to maintain some kind of consistency. This is a bit up in the air though, because I don’t like forcing posts. We’ll see my friends…

Antywaysss, those are some of the things I hope to accomplish this semester. For those of you heading back to school this semester (or for your first semester), what do you hope to accomplish?


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6 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Semester Goals

  1. This is such a great idea, outlining all your goals for the year. I’m aiming to get all A’s as well for the school year and to get a blogging schedule going. Thanks for sharing ❀

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  2. Yes yes YES! I think writing out semester goals (or as I like to call them, short-term bucket lists) is so helpful! It keeps me accountable towards achieving whatever I set my mind to. I just completed my summer bucket list today actually and I’m starting to brainstorm for my fall bucket list – getting all As might have to go on my list as well!

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Love hearing what other student bloggers have to say about life and living well. πŸ™‚


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