elf x Jackie Aina J.Glow Palette Swatches and Review

E.L.F. Cosmetics x Jackie Aina J. Glow Palette + Swatches

Hello hello everyone. I just wanted to write a little something showing the colours in the beautiful J.Glow Clay Eyeshadow by Jackie Aina. As I said in this post here, I was lucky enough to snag this palette before it sold out. I admire Jackie, and I’m happy to support this collaboration. It speaks volumes to me that she says in her video about it (see end of post) that other opportunities have come up, but she chose to partner with them because she likes the brand (of course), and she wanted to go with a brand that was very accessible and affordable.

I appreciate beauty vloggers and gurus who don’t forget that a majority of their viewers don’t have $70 to drop on one makeup item every other day, and are able to mix up the use of high-end and low-end products on their channels. I think that this was both a thoughtful and smart move on her end.

Anyway, with all of that being said, keep reading if you’re interested in seeing swatches!


The palette was only around $6.00 (well, it was $6.00). It’s not that big, but I knew that going into the purchase because I watched Jackie use it in a video. The palette is just big enough to fit in your hand, so it’s very convenient for traveling. She said that was one of the things she considered when putting the palette together.

As for the shades within the palette, she said she wanted it to contain wearable shades with a pop of colour (hence the neutrals and brighter teal shade). She says:

  • the gold makes for a nice inner corner/highlight colour
  • the more shimmery of the taupe colours is her favourite I believe as a lid colour
  • she slapped the maroon colour in there as one to help “drag out the crease” and smoke out a look + add some dimension
  • the ashy taupe colour was added to ensure that there is a crease colour that isn’t too light
  • the teal was added for a nice pop!


I like that there is a good mixture of textures in here, and that none of the shades are overwhelmingly shimmery. The versatility is great, as these shades can all be combined to create day and evening looks.


The shadows are very soft to the touch, but not powdery where they don’t pick up any product. They blend easily as well, and I imagine their intensity can be bolstered by applying them with a wet makeup brush. I haven’t tried this yet, but I am excited to!


All in all, I think that this is a very nice palette.

  • Great for travel
  • Nice wearable selection of shades
  • Versatility in types of looks one can create
  • Nice combination of matte, shimmer, satin shades
  • Affordable

Were any of you able to snag this palette?


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