Differentiate Yourself As A Blogger

Copy of ACORN

I started my blog for fun. I enjoyed watching YouTube videos, playing in makeup, trying skincare products, talking about a wide array of things that I liked, and writing. What better way to combine all of those things?

I’ve had this blog for over a year now, and have learned many things along the way. One thing that always rings in the back of my mind is how to get bigger/if I want to work toward monetization. I see all of these posts discussing how to engage more across social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, etc…), how to write posts, how to take good photographs, how to design your site, how to, how to, HOW TO…!

All of these rules!
There are times when I’m tempted to switch my blog design, but then I think: all of these “successful” tips revolve around the same recommendations: white backgrounds and super clean designs. Everything looks the same.

There are times when I want to work on my blog photography/improve my Instagram feed: all flat lays, same white/greyish wood/grey marble backgrounds and cute little white dishes. Everything looks the same.
Everyone totes interaction, but I find little love when trying to comment or start conversations. Don’t get me wrong, a good amount of people do, and it’s great! But I think the niche could be a lot friendlier, ya feel?

The Truth?

Basically, all I’m saying is while the tips and tricks are nice and appreciated, I feel like they churn out little blogger robots. Sure monetization would be nice. Sponsorships and paid partnerships are highly coveted. All of these things are great, but I think they key to differentiating yourself is to remain true to yourself. Of course writing about things for someone is cool, but if you like writing about things because you genuinely just want to share your opinions…DO IT! 

I found myself scrambling for a while to find things to talk about and fell into a very unmotivated slump where I even made my blog private for a while. After re-assessing my goals for my site, I came back with vigor. I’m not rushing to churn out posts, nor am I stressing content. If I feel like I have something to write about, I write about it! I’m not confining myself either: it makes me so much happier just writing about things that strike a chord with me whether that be makeup, clothing, advice, food, movies, or the like.

Just do what you want! Life is too short and too busy as it is to stress about things you actually like! Do those things in a way that keeps you happy 🙂

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