I’ve Got Trust Issues: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Truffle Shuffle Take 2

Sally Hansen Gel Polish Take 2

You ever have that one nail polish that’s supposed to be “it?” The one you will always gravitate toward when you need to adorn your nails? Well, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish was supposed to be that for me. It promises the results of a gel manicure for a fraction of the price. Who wouldn’t be happy with that? Between June 29th and July 2nd, I attempted to give this polish system a second chance, but it once again performed poorly (less poorly than the first time, but still poorly).

“Was?” Yes. Was. I saw Raven Elyse talk about this polish in a video about a year ago and almost immediately went out to my local CVS to purchase the one she used, Truffle Shuffle. Long story short: it did jack sh*t for my nails. I reviewed it here if you care to read the more in depth review, but basically it chipped within a couple days. After initially applying it, I expected to be left in awe. The coat was beautiful! The brush made the application extremely even, the colour was gorgeous, and the shine was impeccable. This initial excitement was met with extreme disappointment after only a day or two, as the lovely masterpiece that was this gel nail polish chipped and flaked away before my eyes.

I applied the Step One, the colour (Truffle Shuffle) to my nails. This was done with ease, as the brush is very large and flat so you’re able to cover a large area very evenly (a plus for this product). After this dried (this time I waited for about 5-7 minutes to make sure that it was all good), I applied the Step Two, the top coat. This applies the same as the colour, and again, I waited a few minutes to ensure that it was dry. The pictures above demonstrate how beautiful the finished product is.

I wasn’t doing too much as far as activity that would cause the polish to weaken as fast as it did, so when I saw these first signs of chipping I was pretty upset. Although the chipping was pretty mild, it only occurred after two days of wear (July 31).

After two more days, this was what I was faced with. Both hands had nails on all five fingers that were chipped off at the top. Once it had come to this, I just decided to remove the polish altogether.

I have to say, I really wanted this time to work. This is such a lovely colour, and the formula feels so nice. It’s really a shame that it didn’t work out, especially for it being marketed as this “no UV gel polish.” I would expect to get at least 4-5 days of wear before any significant chipping starts. As I said in the previous review, I’m not sure if I got a defective bottle or what, but I don’t think I’ll be using this polish anymore with any expectations for long wear. Before putting the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish to rest in my eyes, I’ll probably test another colour. For now, however, this product still has a big thumbs down. Beautiful colour, doesn’t perform as well as expected.

Have any of you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in ‘Truffle Shuffle?’

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Trust Issues: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Truffle Shuffle Take 2

  1. You are absolutely not alone. I’d been getting gel manicures for 6 months straight. I decided to give my nails a break and get regular manicures. After getting about 3 or 4, I decided to try to save a few coins and do my own manicures. Like you, I went out and bought the product after hearing a blogger sing its praises! I hadn’t had a chance to try it because I’d been consistently going to the nail shop, so this was the perfect time to whip it out! Again, like you, I was disappointed when I saw no difference between this polish and regular ol’ $1 nail polish!! I was heated after spending so much money on NAIL POLISH!! Lol. I plan to try it once more with a different color, but now, if I had to recommend it I wouldn’t. I would say stick with something cheap because they’ll all chip after a day or two anyway!

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