5 Essentials for Getting Active

Walking Essentials


Since Junior year started, due to personal matters, I became very inactive. First semester I was eating pretty well so it balanced out, but as the year came to a close and restocking the fridge became less of a priority, I started to eat worse and worse, and less and less. Both of these factors, coupled with my inactivity (I presume) started to weaken my metabolism. As such, I started to gain weight.

In an attempt to try to get a better grip on my health and start getting active in a way that I liked, I started going on walks with my friend or by myself! It’s an extremely easy way to stay in shape, and for college, a really simple way to remain in shape. With that being said, there are certain items I can’t leave without. If you’d like to know what my walking essentials are, keep reading!

MapMyRun by UnderArmor (sister to MyFitnessPal)

 I started using MFP a couple weeks back, but quickly got tired of tracking nutrients in meals and weighing things all the time. As part of that whole process, I downloaded MapMyRun in order to keep track of my distance since I didn’t think the step tracker was all that accurate. Using this helps me map out my favourite routes and analyze the particulars of my walks. Below you can see a screenshot of a summary of a workout. I typically aim to walk between 4-5 miles which I know is easy with this path. I can save it and use it for reference later! This is a great tool to use in order to get yourself acclimated to walking as a segue to running (if you so choose to). I plan to just keep using it for walking, as running hurts my flat feet.


A Good Water Bottle

 I am a stickler about drinking lots of water daily, to the point it probably annoys my loved ones. One way I always stay certain I am drinking enough is to keep a 120 fl. oz. water bottle around. This way, I know I should consume at least one of those daily. With that being said, I always make sure I have my water with me when I walk. This is especially important during the summer. For example, during my route, I am exposed to the direct sun for a large duration of the walk, and I am walking for about 1.5 to 2 hours. As you can imagine, I sweat a lot, thus, I need to make sure I am drinking enough water to compensate for the sweat I am losing, and to make sure I don’t pass out. If you are looking for a really good water bottle, I would suggest checking out NALGENE.COMI lose my water bottles frequently, but always return here to order because the bottles are durable, and they have free shipping on $10+ for many products!

Nice, comfy athletic wear

 I will not sit here and tell you to go out and buy “Lulu’s” or Nike or anything like that because we’re just walking here. I’ve been able to snag a few pairs of leggings and athletic tanks from Walmart.com (I think 4 pairs of leggings, 3 tanks, and 2 sports bras for about $50 from the brand Danskin). I will tell you that you should aim to be as comfy as possible, and wear something that is breathable. Somewhere else I have been able to find inexpensive athletic wear is from CHAMPION.COMIf you look at their sales, you should be able to snag a few items. Their outlet store also has some great deals too!

Comfy Shoes

 Just like for the clothes, you need to make sure you have some nice comfortable sneakers to walk in. Your feet are your foundation, so you need to take good care of them when embarking in physical activity. I have flat feet, so I like a shoe with lots of cushion, great ankle support, and one that isn’t prone to making my feet sweaty. I got these New Balance sneakers from AMAZON.COM.


Trustworthy headphones

 This all depends on if you prefer to listen to music while engaging in physical activity. For a run or more intensive workout, music could be considered a must. For walking, however, sometimes it’s nice to just take in your surroundings (assuming you’re walking outside). If you prefer music, I won’t sit here and tell you to get the most expensive pair of headphones out there because let’s face it – who has time or coin for that? If you have an iPhone, the little white pair of headphones you get will be fine. If you want something with more noise cancelling without having to sacrifice your first born, you can check out SKULLCANDY headphones. I’ve had a few pairs of those and they’ve served me pretty well.

Well, there you have it! Those are my walking essentials. What are some of your must have items for your strolls?



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