5 Uses For Peppermint Oil

5 Uses for Peppermint Oil

Everything these days is so questionable. You can’t eat, breathe anything in, or use products without hearing about some kind of health risk. It’s nice to know that there are some oldie but goodie natural products we can always turn to for relief.

If you’d like to know some of my favourite uses for peppermint oil, keep reading!

Bug Repellant 

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.35.24 PM.png

Picture this: I’m watching YouTube videos about Kanekiki (look it up if you don’t know, so cool – would love to try!) and raw vegan dieting, right? Minding my damn business. Then, periodically, I start to hear this loud buzzing. I roll off of the couch, get on my knees, and begin to scan the room, but the source of the buzzing is nowhere to be found.

Fast forward about 30 minutes, the buzzing becomes incessant, and I can see the culprit: a large wasp looking creature that is making love to the ceiling lamp. There’s no Raid spray, and I’m not putting myself at risk battling it. What to do…..

Get out the oils! I do this up at my school since, like anywhere, if you leave the windows and such open little critters will start to inhabit your space. I put 10-20 drops of Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint oil (or just one of them) in a spray bottle with some water and go to town. I try to focus on windowsills and areas by the windows and doors. Sometimes I go overboard and spray the walls..

I did this in the area I was sleeping in, and it seemed to drive the menace away. I’ve found that doing this bi-weekly tends to keep away some insects.

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Insect Bite Relief

giphy (16)

 Stop the itch! Rubbing about 2-5 drops on existing bug bites can help to relieve some itch. I wouldn’t suggest putting this on bites you’ve been scratching a lot, since this will burn the hell out of your skin. It has a really nice cooling effect that soothes the irritation!

Stuffy Nose Fixer

giphy (17)

Again, I like using Eucalyptus Oil for this too, but peppermint oil has the same sinus clearing/nose clearing effect. If you boil some water, put about 2-5 drops in and put your nose over it, it can really help relieve stuffiness. You can achieve the same effect placing a couple of drops on a warm/hot washcloth and putting that near your nose, or just putting one drop near your nose. It’s a good sub for Vick’s when you don’t have any. Plus you don’t need much.

Tummy Aches

giphy (18)

Like its leafy counterpart, can be used to help with indigestion and bloating! Add a couple of drops to peppermint tea for an added boost, or to some warm water.

Break the Ache

giphy (19)

I mentioned above that Peppermint oil has a nice cooling property when applied to the skin. You can massage some of this into sore muscles to get the same kind of feeling you would from Icy Hot or a product similar to that (like Bengay). I’ve also read that you can rub this on your head when you have headaches!

Have any of you used Peppermint Oil before? If so, what for? What did you think?

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