July 2016 Favorites

July Favourites (2)Aside from trying to get more active, this month seemed to be filled with lots of binge watching! Life’s all about balance, right?

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Differentiate Yourself As A Blogger

Copy of ACORN

I started my blog for fun. I enjoyed watching YouTube videos, playing in makeup, trying skincare products, talking about a wide array of things that I liked, and writing. What better way to combine all of those things?

I’ve had this blog for over a year now, and have learned many things along the way. One thing that always rings in the back of my mind is how to get bigger/if I want to work toward monetization. I see all of these posts discussing how to engage more across social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, etc…), how to write posts, how to take good photographs, how to design your site, how to, how to, HOW TO…!

All of these rules!
There are times when I’m tempted to switch my blog design, but then I think: all of these “successful” tips revolve around the same recommendations: white backgrounds and super clean designs. Everything looks the same.

There are times when I want to work on my blog photography/improve my Instagram feed: all flat lays, same white/greyish wood/grey marble backgrounds and cute little white dishes. Everything looks the same.
Everyone totes interaction, but I find little love when trying to comment or start conversations. Don’t get me wrong, a good amount of people do, and it’s great! But I think the niche could be a lot friendlier, ya feel?

The Truth?

Basically, all I’m saying is while the tips and tricks are nice and appreciated, I feel like they churn out little blogger robots. Sure monetization would be nice. Sponsorships and paid partnerships are highly coveted. All of these things are great, but I think they key to differentiating yourself is to remain true to yourself. Of course writing about things for someone is cool, but if you like writing about things because you genuinely just want to share your opinions…DO IT! 

I found myself scrambling for a while to find things to talk about and fell into a very unmotivated slump where I even made my blog private for a while. After re-assessing my goals for my site, I came back with vigor. I’m not rushing to churn out posts, nor am I stressing content. If I feel like I have something to write about, I write about it! I’m not confining myself either: it makes me so much happier just writing about things that strike a chord with me whether that be makeup, clothing, advice, food, movies, or the like.

Just do what you want! Life is too short and too busy as it is to stress about things you actually like! Do those things in a way that keeps you happy 🙂

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5 Essentials for Getting Active

Walking Essentials


Since Junior year started, due to personal matters, I became very inactive. First semester I was eating pretty well so it balanced out, but as the year came to a close and restocking the fridge became less of a priority, I started to eat worse and worse, and less and less. Both of these factors, coupled with my inactivity (I presume) started to weaken my metabolism. As such, I started to gain weight.

In an attempt to try to get a better grip on my health and start getting active in a way that I liked, I started going on walks with my friend or by myself! It’s an extremely easy way to stay in shape, and for college, a really simple way to remain in shape. With that being said, there are certain items I can’t leave without. If you’d like to know what my walking essentials are, keep reading!

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5 Uses For Peppermint Oil

5 Uses for Peppermint Oil

Everything these days is so questionable. You can’t eat, breathe anything in, or use products without hearing about some kind of health risk. It’s nice to know that there are some oldie but goodie natural products we can always turn to for relief.

If you’d like to know some of my favourite uses for peppermint oil, keep reading!

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7 Ways to Cope With Pre-Graduation Anxiety


Hey there everyone!

I’ve had a lot of time lately to just think (a little too much, actually), and it’s been producing an overwhelming amount of anxiety. About what? Graduating.

Graduation is supposed to be a time of celebration: you’ve spent the past four years managing to balance 3-4 hours of sleep a night, buttloads of schoolwork, extracurriculars, and other life matters, and all of that hard work culminates in you receiving your diploma.

If you’re someone like me, however, it represents a giant wrecking ball to the face: what the hell am I supposed to do now? I have the paper, now what?


giphy (15)

With things coming to a close, the all too familiar questions start to flood the mind:

  • Did I take the right classes?
  • Do I have enough experience?
  • I should have squeezed in another internship! 
  • What if no one hires me?
  • My interviewing skills are basura 🚮
  • Crap!

With these thoughts in mind, how do you calm yourself down and trust in the process?

Make a plan. I know it may seem hard depending on your readiness, but sometimes you just have to take the plunge and put some things down on paper. For example, I am always juggling between career paths, so instead of weighing out things in my head constantly, I’ve created spreadsheets on Excel to compare costs for graduate programs, locations, details of their programs, prerequisites, etc. I’ve also created a calendar-like spreadsheet that outlines everything I am doing academically this year (classes, grad school prep, testing) as well as deadlines for applications and registration for any extra courses I need. This way, every time I feel like I am starting to overthink or worry, I can look back to this to make sure I am staying on track.

giphy (8)

GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. I may make another post about it, but if you’re in a position where you may not feel confident in the experiences you have as far as preparation for a career, try seeking an internship. Sometimes there are last minute postings or openings that pop up after internship application season. If that fails, you can also try getting a job that indirectly relates to what you are studying, or at least develops a skill you may feel you are lacking in. If those two options fail, try volunteering somewhere. If you can’t get paid to get the experience you are looking for, at least try to offer your help somewhere where you can help them out, and you can refine your interests as well. You can also sign up for a class that gives you a skill, like Excel or Intro to Programming (or something you like, like photography that can also be a great skill).

giphy (9)

Make that bucket list. Again, I am saying this from experience: you might not be someone who has had the most ideal college experience. However, if you are going into your final year, there is nothing stopping you from making it the best it can be. Find that one friend (if you have) and try to plan some excursions! Look up fun things to do around your campus and try to do as many of them as you can manage! Even if your experience is filled with some regret, that doesn’t have to be the legacy those four years leave in your memory.

giphy (10)

Take advantage of your connections. It annoys tf out of me, but networking really is key. I am an introvert, and someone who doesn’t really like asking for too much help, but I have learned that even if you may not have many, even 2-3 close connections with people can help you out. Reach out to these people to discuss your plans and get some input! See if there is any way at all they can connect you with an opportunity. You never know!

giphy (11)

Practice your interviewing skills  On your own, you can look up commonly asked behavioural interview questions since a lot of interviews tend to focus on their types of questions. This gives you a chance to really think about your responses so that if these questions come up frequently, you are more confident with your answers. Additionally, you can go to your career services center at your school to practice your interview skills and get some constructive criticism so you can refine this skill.

giphy (12)

Have someone take a look at your resume/cover letter(s). You can and should utilize career services to have your resume and cover letter checked out. You may think you have everything, but many times the employees there can pull experiences or skills that you may not have thought of to beef things up. They can also assist you with wording to make you much more competitive.

giphy (13)

Don’t ever doubt yourself. It’s SO hard not to do this in a society that pushes a narrative of post-college success and extreme achievers, but this doesn’t have to diminish your self-concept. If you’ve done the best you could during your college experience, trust in the process lol. It may take you longer than others to get where you need to be, but you’ll get there eventually. Try not to compare yourself to your peers. Focus on the goals and deadlines you’ve set for yourself and stick to those. Everything falls into place when it needs to.

giphy (14)

I don’t want anyone to think I am spewing off about these things just “because.” I really want to offer advice to those who may be going through the same thing. I am a chronic catastrophizer/spiraler when it comes to thoughts. This is been a huge source of worry for me, and I understand. I know how hard it may be not to stress, but if you force yourself to stick to something and just plow forward, you are taking a huge and important step. 

I really hope that this is of some help! Let me know if I missed anything!