5 Reasons Why: I HATE the beach


Summer time: The sun is blazing, the air is hot, and after Memorial Day, this means the beach is open. Exciting, right?


Yeah, I said it. It’s not exciting. I don’t like the beach. It’s my introvert hell. When friends tell me they want to go to the beach, my insides cringe. Sometimes I’ll swallow my comfort and go, but for the most part, I try to avoid it at all costs. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never liked the beach since I was a child. Here are 5 few reasons why:

Too many people. I am a self-proclaimed introvert (and probably a highly-sensitive person as well), I get overwhelmed by being places where there are too many people for a sustained amount of time. I don’t mean things like being in a movie theater where everyone is sitting down, but here, like the beach where everyone is yelling, running, swimming etc. It’s too much and it puts a damper on my mood. I like to just chill for the most part, but all of the external things going on throw that off and disrupt my zen. Then, people typically like to stay at the beach for hours (or the whole day) which makes things even worse. The couple times I have been dragged there, I’m usually ready to leave after an hour or two. Everyone else? Nope. All in all, there’s just too much going on.

giphy (1)

Sand….everywhere! I know, duh. Of course there’s sand everywhere…it’s a beach. I don’t mind walking down a beach, but if I am, I need to do it at my own pace and when there’s not lots of people around. I enjoy the scenery of the beach, but I hate standing or sitting for .005 seconds and ending up with sand grains under my fingernails and inside my ear. Sand is nature’s glitter – you only need be exposed for a couple seconds before it ends up everywhere, and once it does, it’s hard to get out. Again going along with the sensitive thing, I don’t like the feeling of things being tacked onto my skin. It’s the same reason why I tend to not like being outside for sustained periods of time when the weather is extremely warm. I feel like everything sticks to my skin and I get really uncomfortable and itchy. Same goes for sand. Don’t like it one bit.

giphy (2)

Noisy. Again, duh. I know all of the things I have mentioned are givens, but they are things that bother me. I can tolerate noise up to a certain point, but trying to have fun/relax and having that much input frazzles me haha.

giphy (3)

Too hot most times, too cold others (but mostly too damn hot): I feel like you have to really map out the ideal day to go to the beach. If you go on a day where there is maybe some heat and a nice breeze, it may be nice to sit around in, but good luck getting into the water (or staying that long without getting goosebumps). If you go on a day when it is deathly hot, the water may feel nice, but then you feel like Satan himself has descended upon the earth and lit the very ground you walk on on fire, and replaced air with fire. Okay, exaggerated a bit, but you know what I mean. When it hits 12 PM – 2 PM, you sit there under your brolly wondering why you’ve subjected yourself to such heat when you could have stayed in a nice air-conditioned environment and gone somewhere after the sun sets. As I say during the summer: I’ll tag along for activities, but outside only after 6PM 🙂 

giphy (4).gif

Boring: I like beaches when no one is really there. When you can just kind of sit around and listen to everything. Most of the time when people want to go, it is not that time. I find sitting around under the sun for hours boring. If I wanted to just lie down like that I could just stay home and sleep. If I want to go outside and take in some nature, I can go for a nice walk. There’s just no appeal in going to sit and look at people, and if we refer back to reason 1, too many people overwhelms me.

giphy (5)

All in all, those are the reasons I’m not too fond of the beach! I know it’s one of the things many people look forward to, but it’s an activity I can avoid without any qualms. Again, I know these reasons are kind of characteristic of a beach, or many other places, but it’s just how I feel, okay?

What are your thoughts? Any summer activity you’re not too fond of?



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