5 Reasons Why: I HATE the beach


Summer time: The sun is blazing, the air is hot, and after Memorial Day, this means the beach is open. Exciting, right?


Yeah, I said it. It’s not exciting. I don’t like the beach. It’s my introvert hell. When friends tell me they want to go to the beach, my insides cringe. Sometimes I’ll swallow my comfort and go, but for the most part, I try to avoid it at all costs. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never liked the beach since I was a child. Here are 5 few reasons why:

Too many people. I am a self-proclaimed introvert (and probably a highly-sensitive person as well), I get overwhelmed by being places where there are too many people for a sustained amount of time. I don’t mean things like being in a movie theater where everyone is sitting down, but here, like the beach where everyone is yelling, running, swimming etc. It’s too much and it puts a damper on my mood. I like to just chill for the most part, but all of the external things going on throw that off and disrupt my zen. Then, people typically like to stay at the beach for hours (or the whole day) which makes things even worse. The couple times I have been dragged there, I’m usually ready to leave after an hour or two. Everyone else? Nope. All in all, there’s just too much going on.

giphy (1)

Sand….everywhere! I know, duh. Of course there’s sand everywhere…it’s a beach. I don’t mind walking down a beach, but if I am, I need to do it at my own pace and when there’s not lots of people around. I enjoy the scenery of the beach, but I hate standing or sitting for .005 seconds and ending up with sand grains under my fingernails and inside my ear. Sand is nature’s glitter – you only need be exposed for a couple seconds before it ends up everywhere, and once it does, it’s hard to get out. Again going along with the sensitive thing, I don’t like the feeling of things being tacked onto my skin. It’s the same reason why I tend to not like being outside for sustained periods of time when the weather is extremely warm. I feel like everything sticks to my skin and I get really uncomfortable and itchy. Same goes for sand. Don’t like it one bit.

giphy (2)

Noisy. Again, duh. I know all of the things I have mentioned are givens, but they are things that bother me. I can tolerate noise up to a certain point, but trying to have fun/relax and having that much input frazzles me haha.

giphy (3)

Too hot most times, too cold others (but mostly too damn hot): I feel like you have to really map out the ideal day to go to the beach. If you go on a day where there is maybe some heat and a nice breeze, it may be nice to sit around in, but good luck getting into the water (or staying that long without getting goosebumps). If you go on a day when it is deathly hot, the water may feel nice, but then you feel like Satan himself has descended upon the earth and lit the very ground you walk on on fire, and replaced air with fire. Okay, exaggerated a bit, but you know what I mean. When it hits 12 PM – 2 PM, you sit there under your brolly wondering why you’ve subjected yourself to such heat when you could have stayed in a nice air-conditioned environment and gone somewhere after the sun sets. As I say during the summer: I’ll tag along for activities, but outside only after 6PM 🙂 

giphy (4).gif

Boring: I like beaches when no one is really there. When you can just kind of sit around and listen to everything. Most of the time when people want to go, it is not that time. I find sitting around under the sun for hours boring. If I wanted to just lie down like that I could just stay home and sleep. If I want to go outside and take in some nature, I can go for a nice walk. There’s just no appeal in going to sit and look at people, and if we refer back to reason 1, too many people overwhelms me.

giphy (5)

All in all, those are the reasons I’m not too fond of the beach! I know it’s one of the things many people look forward to, but it’s an activity I can avoid without any qualms. Again, I know these reasons are kind of characteristic of a beach, or many other places, but it’s just how I feel, okay?

What are your thoughts? Any summer activity you’re not too fond of?



40 Beauty Questions Tag

40 beauty

Found this 40 Beauty Questions tag somewhere on the web, here are the questions:


How many times do you wash your face daily?  

Twice usually. Unless something happens where I need to wash it any additional amount of times. Never less than that though.

What skin type do you have? (dry/oily/combo)

I would say combination. I get super oily in my T-zone.

What is your current facial wash?

I’ve been using raw African black soap for the past two or three years now, never anything else.

Do you exfoliate?

All the time when I have one. 💁🏾 I love exfoliating.

What brand do you use?

Varies. I like harsher scrubs though. There is this St. Ives Green Tea Scrub I used a few years ago that was really nice…

What moisturizer do you use?

Right now I’m using the Lancôme Energie de Vie

Do you have freckles?

No, but I wish I did! I love how they look, especially on SZA (even if they’re not real)


SZA tha gawdess

Do you use eye cream?

No, but I suppose I should.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

Mmm, not really. I never broke out more than average.

Did you ever have to use ProActiv?

Yeah. I don’t think it worked lol. Or maybe since my skin wasn’t extremely bad in the first place I didn’t notice? I don’t know. Honestly I think that once I started eating better and drinking more water my skin got 100x better. I haven’t had a breakout in years.


What foundation do you use?

I use the Kiss New York Aqua BB Cream exclusively now. I used to wear foundation but sometimes I worry that heavy wear is going to age my skin. It’s stupid because primers and proper skin care prevent things like that. I have been wanting to try the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation since seeing Jackie Aina and Rose Kimberly wear it. I didn’t know there were darker shades since I almost never see them anywhere.

How about concealer?

I’ve finally learned how to do the whole highlighting with concealer thing, so where I was using no concealer, I now use the L.A. Girl Pro Concealers a lot. When I’m not practicing that, I’m not using any concealer, or I use the Ruby Kisses 3D Face creator.

Do you know your undertone color?

Yellow/golden 🌞 I keep getting matches with these super red undertones and it’s annoying because then I always look orange 😦

What do you think of fake eyelashes?

I think they look really nice, I just don’t know how to put them on. Then, I also look at them in the packs, even the “natural” ones, and get dissuaded from buying them because I think there’s no way for these to look natural. I have such small eyes!

Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?

Yeah. I use that bihh till its done though. May be bad for me but I zonnnn’t have $$ or time to be changing mascara that often. I’ll just keep using samples.

What brand of mascara do you use?

Whatever I have honestly. My favourites so far have been the L’oreal Miss Manga, the Clinique High Impact, and Smashbox Full Exposure.

Sephora or MAC?

Sephora, duh.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?


What makeup tools do you use in make up application?

Brushes and sponges. Mostly sponges. I’ve been using my Real Techniques sponge exclusively for the past month or so. I also have a BeautyBlender (the original one).

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

No because I don’t really go hard with eyeshadow.

For the face?

I always prime my face. ALWAYS. Right now I’m still using the Becca Poreless Priming Perfector. Fantastic choice for my oily skinned kin.

What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?

I like golds/earthy metallics.

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?


How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?


What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

They’re nice. I just feel like I’d always spill them.

Do you use mineral makeup?


What is your favorite lipstick?

Not really a huge lipstick person, but I like the Ruby Kisses Matte lipsticks. I’ve been more into the liquid lipsticks lately, and for those I like the L.A Girl Matte Pigment Glosses.

How about lipgloss?

See above. As for your regular glossy glosses, I’m not a fan. I don’t like that “wet” look.

What is your favorite blush to use?


Do you buy your makeup on eBay?

Never have

Do you like drugstore makeup?

I live for it honey. And the Beauty Supply Store, can’t forget that. They’ve never done me wrong.

Do you go to CCO’s? (cosmetic company outlets)


Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?

Yeah, I still do. Maybe when I finish school.

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?


Name a makeup crime that you hate?

Sleeping with makeup on 😒  TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAMN FACE

Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?

Depends. I gravitate more toward neutrals for the eyes on a regular basis but will use bright ones to line my eyes sometimes. I like bright lip colours though.

Which celebrity always has great make up?

Kelly Rowland. I feel like she always looks nice without having that “Instagram beat” evvvvveryone does now. PLUS she’s a glowing brown goddess and I love her. I also really love SZA’s makeup. It always looks so natural!


SZA again

24th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party - Arrivals

Queen Kelly (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?

Meaning after I’ve done what I needed? In that case blotting powder. Which is what I do anyway. I never usually bring things out of the house with me. If I could only use one product, probably concealer. My skin isn’t too problematic, so I’d just like for it to be even.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

Yeah…I do it a lot now (lazy bihhh).

Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?

I look more put together with makeup on, but I don’t mind how I look without 🙂

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?

Hmm…that’s a tough one. Maybe L’oreal for drugstore. I haven’t tried too many things from more expensive brands.

What do you think of makeup?

I think it’s great! It’s a great form of self-expression and it’s fun to use. I don’t think it should ever get to a point when someone doesn’t love them self without makeup, but if it gives you that little “oomph,” then go ahead!

How about you guys? Answer some of these in the comments 🙂


New Nutrition Labels|Reinforcing Bad Habits?

So if you’ve seen some of my tweets recently, you know I am on a nutrition journey of sorts. If you don’t follow my Twitter, or haven’t seen some of my tweets recently……I’m on a nutrition journey of sorts. I’m going to talk more about this in another post, however, since I want to address changes I will be making to this blog, as well as the overall “mood” of things.

With that being said –> new nutrition labels.

So what’s the fuss?

giphy (6).gif
I have been using My Fitness Pal lately to track my food intake (more on that in later posts), as well as as a resource for recipes, advice, and the like. A couple of days ago, as I was browsing the blog section, I came across an article addressing the changes the FDA plans to implement regarding food labels. Some of the changes I agreed with, others I had a couple qualms about. Before getting into my thoughts on these changes, I am by no means a nutrition expert or anything of that sort. As such, my opinions have no weight, so please don’t read this and get angered or become combative regarding anything I say here. Anything I write is just opinion and should be treated as such. I’m open to discussion, but don’t take anything I say in this post to heart.

**all information is from FDA.gov. For further information on what is discussed below, please refer to this site**

  • Design: according to the FDA’s site, the “iconic look” of the nutrition label is here to stay, but there will be an increase to the font size of calories, servings per container, and serving size. The number of calories as well as the serving size will be bolded. I think that these are small, but welcomed changes that will really highlight important information at first glance. Personally, I think that if these numbers jump out at me, and they aren’t satisfactory, I have a more likely chance of just passing on the object. For those who check these things frequently, it should make searching for the information a little faster.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.42.35 AM


  • Minerals&Vitamins: manufacturer’s will now have to write how much, and the percent daily value (which is also going to be explained better, apparently) of Vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium, and Iron. I can’t speak on all of these things, but I know deficiencies are a big deal, especially in this day and age. I think it’s great that these things need to be disclosed, as neglecting to get enough of them can play a more significant role in your health than you think. For example, I know that Vitamin D deficiencies can contribute to extreme fatigue, as well as depression and bone/muscle pain. It goes hand in hand with calcium absorption as well, so I figure that is why these things need to be disclosed (as they all relate to each other).
  • Sugar, sugar: “added sugars,” that is, the amount of sugar in a product aside from the naturally occurring sugars, will now have to be listed (in grams). It’s crazy how much extra sugar we consume, here in the U.S. particularly without realizing it. One documentary that really demonstrated this for me is on Netflix, Sugar Coated. I think this is a step in the right direction. We’re addicted!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.41.15 AM


  • “I’m gonna drown my feelings in ice cream”: one of the things I think is great is the addition of a “per package”/”per unit” column for nutrition information. For example, if you’re at the movies and purchase a larger bag of fruit snacks (maybe Welch’s fruit snacks), the serving size may be 50g. When you’re holding a bag of fruit snacks, how the f*ck are you supposed to know what 50 grams is? If not that, who’s trying to eat a small handful of fruit snacks for a 1.5 – 2.5 hour movie? Not me! So, with the new nutrition labels, there would be a label for the regular (or recommended) serving size, as well as a column next to that with a “per package” label of nutrition information since, even though there is a recommended serving, it can be eaten in one sitting. The same may serve for sleeves of cookies/crackers, pints of ice cream, etc… If it’s an item that is between one and two servings, the calories and nutrients will be required to be labeled as one serving since people usually finish it in one sitting.


  • “Let Them Eat (More) Cake!”: this was one of the changes I couldn’t tell how I felt about. Basically, serving sizes are supposed to reflect the amounts that people are *actually* eating, “not what they should be eating.” There was where I had my first issue, I was pretty adamant before that the serving sizes shouldn’t get bigger just because people don’t control portions. I still kind of feel like that enforces eating more than needed, when, if people paid more attention to portion sizes, they would learn to eat less (or just the amount they needed). Since serving size requirements have changed, some servings will increase and some will decrease.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.42.58 AM


Compliance Dates (via FDA.gov)

Manufacturers will need to use the new label by July 26, 2018. However, manufacturers with less than $10 million in annual food sales will have an additional year to comply.

Feel free to browse the site by clicking the link at the beginning of the post if you want to learn more! What are your thoughts about the new labels? What are some things you think should be implemented?


Taking Advantage of Sephora’s Curly Hair Campaign


YEEEEEEESSSSSSS SEPHORA! This is why Sephora will always have a special place in my heart you guys – they’ve created a buying guide for us curly and kinky haired girls out there ❤ Kudos to you! I mean, I’m probably still not forking over more than $10 a product (if that), so it is very unlikely I’ll be buying any of these recommended products, but it’s the thought that counts…right?

Anyway, I came across this browsing the site. Under the tabs at the top (Makeup, Skin Care, Fragrance, Nails, Hair, Tools and Brushes), there is a little sub-section titled “LEARN.” Under this sub-section, there is a link titled “Buying Guides,” and it is here that I found the curly hair one (under the ‘Hair’ tab).

Once there, you’re greeted by this cute banner, and below, you can choose your curl type.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.35.54 AM

They’ve divided them up by texture, and when you click on each you can get more information about the classifications! You know that annoying number system the natural hair community uses? Yeah, they’ve got it. So when trying to “type” your hair, the’ve made it a bit easier. WAVY contains the 2A, 2B, and 2C curl patterns, CURLY contains the 3A & 3B curl patterns, COILY contains the 3C & 4A curl patterns, and TIGHTLY COILED contains the 4A, 4B, and 4C curl patterns.

Once you choose a curl pattern, the interactive page shows you products that correspond to the hair type selected. For example, when I choose Tightly Coiled, these are the product recommendations I am shown, broken down by the stages of doing hair (i.e. washing, conditioning, styling, oils, etc…):

Y’all see they even have a natural hair tutorial video in there?????? This is cute!!

When you get to the bottom of the page they have more videos by naturalistas as well:

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.35.36 AM

Like they went to work! I’m pleased with the effort overall, and I think it’s great that they’ve made a real effort to include products and tutorials for kinkier textures. More often than not, when it comes to natural hair there seems to be a tendency to gravitate toward products and features for looser textures. This is extraordinary in my opinion, and it’s great to see some women of colour on here. All in all, I think that this is a great addition to Sephora’s site. The only thing I wonder is if employees have training about these hair types as well. I know they aren’t hair stylists by any means, but at least for proper recommendations.

What do you all think of this? Leave some comments!

Until next time,


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Clean Brushes with Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Hello there everyone 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves, and bracing yourselves for the summer!

So, picture this: Wednesday, approximately 4:30 AM: I can’t sleep for the life of me. I’ve tried binging entries on my watchlist on Netflix, having tea, and more. Nothing is working. Solution? Youtube!

I haven’t been keeping up with my subscriptions, and decided to see what was new. I scrolled and saw new product un-boxings, endless tutorials, and plenty of life updates. After a couple of videos, I decided to look at some of the channels I was neglecting, among them, Sondjradedeluxe. Why I fail to keep up with her videos, I’m not sure. She’s a fantastic makeup artist, and I LOVE her application – it’s never cakey or overdone looking. She always looks flawless and extremely golden. Anyway, I stumbled upon a recent “Get Un-ready With Me” video (see end of post) where she talked about using the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water.

Now, I’ve used micellar water (and reviewed it), and it was cool. I haven’t repurchased another bottle since using that one…not because I didn’t like it, I just don’t mind using my black soap. But anyway, not the point. It wasn’t the magic of micellar water that caught my attention in the video, rather, a quick statement she made around 00:50 about it being great for getting stuff out of makeup brushes and beauty blenders. So, I ran out to CVS and picked myself up a bottle.

So my makeup brushes haven’t been washed in about a month to a month and a half (yikes kill me), but, I was interested to see just how deeply this micellar water would clean.

I tried this out on two of my most used brushes: my ELF Powder Brush that I use to blend out my BB cream, and my Real Techniques Core Collection Contour Brush that I use to blend out my concealer. Only the contour brush is pictured.

It took quite a bit of product, and a few rinses and re-rinses to get everything out. For my brushes, the micellar water didn’t clean as effectively as I would have liked, but it did a much better job at breaking down the makeup (especially considering how much was caked in there) than when I tried to just rinse out with shampoo.

I wasn’t too impressed with any deep cleaning abilities, but I didn’t take it too much to heart since that isn’t what the product promises. I did go further to see how well the water would work on one my Beauty Blender:

It did a little something, but nothing crazy.

All in all, I wouldn’t try to use this again to deep clean my brushes, as I ended up using about 80% of the bottle and didn’t get a full clean (I had to follow up with shampoo to get the remainder of the gunked up makeup out). I did use it after one of my brushes dried and I applied my makeup as a sort of daily cleanser, and it performed beautifully, so I may use it in that capacity instead of a deep cleaner after weeks of makeup use. 

I do want to try this micellar water on my face to see if it is any more effective than the Simple brand one. I do like that this one comes with more product than the Simple one, but this isn’t that post 🙃

Anyway, that’s all for now! Keep up with me on Twitter 🙂 –> @Court_Ess