Low Porosity Natural Hair Care Routine (May 2016)

The hair

I have found the answer *in comes singing black angels*

Answer to what….

My hair, y’all! My hair! I think I’ve figured out how to get my wash and go to 1) stay hydrated, 2) maintain its curl pattern, and 3) remain soft…all over the course of a week to week and a half.

What opened your eyes girl?!

The youtubezzz. What else? The only thing that was different about this trip to YouTube was learning about porosity versus curl pattern. Porosity refers to how your hair is actually built, and how that plays into its ability to absorb water.

Through this, I was able to determine that I have low porosity hair. This type is characterized by:

  • taking FOREVER to dry (my hair is notorious for taking HOURS to dry. HOURS!!)
  • a tightly bound cuticle (the “scales” on the hair lay down flat), thus repelling water (why it takes a few minutes for my hair to get wet), and making it more resistant to processing
  • reacting weirdly to certain protein products > result in build up and a straw like feel
  • product building up very easily

With these things in mind, and with the aid of a couple other videos, I went to work to try a new wash and go routine. It is outlined as follows:

WASHING- always done with warm to very warm water. Never cold, even for rinsing. 

  • Wet hair, and shampoo. I used V05 moisturizing shampoo, particularly the coconut or strawberries & cream scent 
  • Lather and cleanse scalp thoroughly
  • Rinse water thoroughly and apply conditioner. I use the V05 cleansing conditioner in the kiwi melon scent (the green one), or in the absence of that the coconut one that’s from the moisturizing line. 
  • Detangle hair with wide tooth comb and then follow through finger detangling
  • Let conditioner sit for duration of shower (maybe 10 minutes) then finger detangle again.
  • Rinse shampoo and comb through hair with wide tooth comb


  • VERY MINIMALLY pat most excess water off hair. I typically focus in the middle of my hair since that takes longest to dry.
  • Using LOC method, I have my water saturating my hair, the Liquid, so I move to my oil. I’ll typically use grapeseed or sweet almond since they’re on the lighter side and don’t weigh down my hair, nor do they dirty up my scalp quickly.
  • For the cream, I use the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Lock It In Sealing Cream on my hair. I take care to apply a decent sized dollop to sections of my hair, taking care to rake it in so it hits each strand. I LOVE this cream, and it smells SO good!
  • Paired with that, I take some Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Leave In Conditioner and do the same thing as with the cream.
  • On top of this, to really make my curls pop and STAY DEFINED ALL WEEK, I use the Hawaiian Silky “Dry Look” Gel Activator. I comb that through section by section as well
  • To top off, I let my hair air dry



  • So this was where I always used to f up. My hair would look so nice after semi drying (since it takes all day to dry basically – not exaggerating), but I would never know what to do with it at night. It wasn’t long enough to have the pineapple takedown thing work and look nice the next day, and I twist outs and everything stopped working on my hair (which is why I stopped doing them). This was again, until I came across the video of a young woman who suggested puffs!
  • I free section my hair into fours, and simply put them in hair ties. In the morning, I carefully take the hair tie off (never wrapped around more than twice), and pick my hair so that its full and styled to my liking! That’s it!


  • I use warm to very warm water since it helps to open up the cuticle of my hair, allowing for better absorption of products and moisture overall.
  • I use these particular products since they’re water based and very light. This way, I don’t experience any buildup, and they help to keep my hair moisturizer throughout the week.
  • When I take down the puffs in the morning, I do so with the assistance of steam to help liven up my hair and give it some moisture. Doing this every day is one of the key processes I believe has made detangling a dream on wash day, and really help my hair stay moisturized.

My next step is to try to see how to modify this routine for protective styles, like braids. Hopefully this was of some help!

To any of my low porosity naturals out there, what wash day/styling products have you been using?

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5 thoughts on “Low Porosity Natural Hair Care Routine (May 2016)

  1. These are some useful tips, I didn’t know we were suppose to leave the conditioner on the hair for 10mins. I love how your hair looks. I’m definitely going to give this go. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hopefully 🙏🏾 Something else I’ve been doing daily before styling my hair is applying steam to it, whether that be just letting it build up from the shower or using my clothing steamer 😂 but it has made a significant difference in the softness of my natural hair. I suppose since it’s getting moisture every day

        Liked by 1 person

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