Girl Time| You and Your Coochie: The Joys of Waxing 

Brazilian Waxing

Happy day ✌🏾️

On this episode of “Courtenay’s Beauty Box,” I’ll be discussing my growing love for….*drumroll* waxing! And not just any waxing, the waxing that puts fear in the hearts of many women, and visions of searing pain in their minds: Brazilian waxing.

Why? Why let a complete stranger stare into your vagina (vulva if you want to be specific) and/or butt crack? Why let them repeatedly apply hot wax to your lady lips and tear hair from them? Sounds like a form of self-torture, right?

Wrong. It’s not for everyone, but for those of you out there who may just be scared to try, I’d like to dispel some of that fear. These tips are a combination of personal experience and tips from my favourite waxing salon, European Wax Center. 

My hair is super long, should I shave it down before going in to make it easier?

It’s recommended that your hair be at least 1/4 of an inch so that there’s something for the wax to grab onto. You don’t want it to be too long, otherwise you feel the pain more. Don’t shave though! If you’re going in for a wax and need to groom a bit beforehand, trim very carefully with those tiny scissors.

What do I need to do to prepare for a wax?

You should obviously shower so that everything down there is clean. If your hair is out of control, trim it down (but not too much – see above). There are some things that you can’t really help, like sweating and such, but most places will apply baby powder to the area beforehand to absorb any moisture. If you are worried about cleanliness, as a precautionary measure you can maybe bring baby wipes and just wipe the area a little before going in. I like European Wax Center because their estheticians take care of all of that for you 🙂

Can I wax while on my period?

You can (I personally wouldn’t), and all places might not. You know how on your period your boobs might hurt and everything is more sensitive? Yeah, applies down there as well! Just be aware of that!

What exactly comes off during a Brazilian wax?

Errrrthang. The panty line (bikini line), the outer lips, front, and butt crack. Everyything. Completely bald! If you don’t want to feel so naked, you might opt for some variation of a full bikini wax, which allows you to leave on some hair in the front, or just a regular bikini wax which just takes off the hair along the panty line.

How long should I wait in between waxes?

The usual wait is between 4-6 weeks since people’s hair grows back at different rates. You judge, but somewhere between that range. You don’t want to wait too long, because then the effects of the constancy of waxing wear off, and it will take longer and hurt much more when you go back.

As you wax more often, the hair grows back less frequently, in less quantity, and much less thickly. If you don’t keep up with it, you’re right back at square one!

Hope these tips were helpful! By the way, it’s not for everyone. Not just waxing, but hair removal in general. I’m in no way saying it’s absolutely necessary to remove hair from your nether regions, I’m just talking about it for those who do and are looking for some input. If you’re an au naturale kinda girl, cool. If ya like ya ish bald, cool. Everyone has their preferences…you do you 🖖🏾👽🖖🏾

What do you prefer? Any funny waxing stories?

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Girl Time| You and Your Coochie: The Joys of Waxing 

  1. This is so helpful, I’ve always been afraid of waxing but now that i know to be prepared for it. I’m gonna go for it. Thanks for the helpful blog post 🙂

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