Vanity Planet Spin Brush Unboxing 

Hello all!

It’s been a while, but I’m back here with a new product!

There are two things that, aside from mental well being and maintaining a personal ongoing state of zen, I treat with the utmost care: my skin and my nutrition. As you can tell from the title, this is not a nutrition post (since you won’t consume a spin brush), so I’m coming at you with a product that I think would make a great addition to anyone’s skin care routine.

We all witnessed the surge of the spin brush in the skin care world starting back in the 2000’s when the Clarisonic/Clarisonic Mia hit the market. Since then, they have gone on to produce a plethora of other products, and additions to their family. While these brushes bolster great reviews, there is one thing that may turn most away – the price tags.

This is where other products stepped in like the Revlon Face Brush, and more. For some reason, none of these dupes ever gained as much traction as the Clarisonic whether it was due to longevity, power, or versatility. The ones that rose past these roadblocks tended to (and still tend to) err on the more expensive side.

But, out of the ashes of failed affordable spin brush searches, there came the Vanity Planet Spin Brush for Perfect Skin. Now, you may be thinking “it’s just another one of those crappy products being pushed on us by YouTube” (because I sure did). I decided to go for it anyway since it was on sale for $30 as opposed to its regular $100, so there wasn’t too much to lose.

Ordered Sunday April 17th, delivered and received on Monday April 25th (I’m used to 2-day shipping – Amazon Prime has spoiled me – so this was long to me). But not actually. Less than 10 days!

It was originally $100, but with a discount (they still have a Spring sale going on so you can get it for $30), I was able to snag it for $30, bringing the grand total to $34.37 after tax or shipping.

Comes in a cute little box that has the spin brush body, a larger brush for the body, one cleansing brush for the face, and one exfoliating the face, and a pumice stone. It also comes with two sheets of paper, one with a coupon code, and one with a description of each of the components of the package. The device doesn’t come with batteries, but it just uses 4 standard AA batteries, so it isn’t hard to get it going.

Used: cleansing and exfoliating brush  (pictured on the bottom of the package – the exfoliating brush has the darker base).  I had to use my hands to get first bit of makeup off (I wash face with raw African black soap), since I felt it would be more annoying and ineffective to keep swirling dirty makeup soap around on my face, rinsing, and continuing that. So after getting the initial layer off, I followed with the cleansing brush to get any residual bits off, which is what I am most concerned about. Following this, I decided to use the exfoliating brush since I hadn’t exfoliated my skin in a couple weeks (yikes).


I am not sure how well you can see, but I believe I overdid it in my cheek area (and after this, the top of my mouth). The bristles of both the cleansing and exfoliating brushes are very soft, but I tend to be heavy handed with many objects, and pressed the brush into my skin which probably made things more abrasive than needed. I would like to remind those of you using these brushes to remember NOT to press the brushes into your skin, the circular motions of the brush are enough to take everything off, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

I must say, I really like the results I get after washing my face with this, as my skin is literally squeaky clean. All traces of my makeup are gone, and my skin is ready for moisturizing afterward. I would recommend this to lazy face washers out there, because it is easy to just use while you’re taking a shower (since it’s waterproof).

Final verdict: 8.5/10, lost points just because if you’re not careful you can break your skin if you press too hard. Other than that, no complaints.

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