How to Prepare Your Skin for Summer by Gabriella Diesendorf

Hey there everyone! Doing things a little differently here today 🙂 Today, I have a lovely guest post written by Gabriella Diesendorf.  She is a full time working mom, and fellow beauty and fashion lover. She does freelance writing for several beauty blogs, and was kind enough to reach out to me. She is a talented blogger, and is able to touch on so many different topics. I hope you all thoroughly enjoy this post! I know I did 🙂 

So, your summer clothes are ready, holiday has been paid for, your suitcase is just waiting to be picked up, but what about your skin? More than any other aspect, you need to take care of it in order to have a healthy glow in the summer. Your skin reflects everything you eat or drink and if you exercise it can be easily spotted too, so be sure to provide maximum skin care while anticipating the summer of 2016.

woman with hat


Water water everywhere

First of all, you need to stay hydrated not only during the summer, but the entire year ahead. Not only does your body need the water to survive, it needs it to get a glowing skin. This heavenly potion detoxifies your body and leaves skin free of all imperfections that may have incurred due to lack of hydration. You should have an extra glass of water every day, and carry a bottle of it everywhere you go.


All unhealthy choices that you made have left a trace on your skin. Yes, cellulite, we are talking about you. However, in order to attack your worst enemy and to get rid off poor dieting habits, try to consume more fruit and vegetables. Leafy green salad is an excellent choice for obtaining high levels of vitamins. Also, eat fruit and vegetables with a large proportion of water in them, like cucumber and watermelon. In no time you will get a tight healthy skin.

Hair removal

Instead of shaving your legs, go for waxing. Hair will grow slower and thinner, you already know it. But, in addition to that, waxing is great because it exfoliates your skin. Dead skin is easily removed, and you instantly get smooth skin. However, bear in mind not to do it the very day you are about to go sunbathing or swimming in the sun, as you might get itchy red patches of your skin that has recently been treated. Do this on a regular basis a couple of months ahead of summer.

woman on beach

Sunglasses and sunscreen, please

You know how delicate the skin around your eyes is and you invest a lot in creams protecting it. But, is there anything more you can do? Of course, there is a stylish solution that you will really enjoy. Pick up your favourite sunglasses and protect those pretty eyes to avoid getting wrinkles. Aviators are a must this summer season.

Moreover, go for sunscreen. Protect the only skin you have by often applying SPF 15 or higher every day and you will not worry about UVB and UVA rays.

Acne – no more

You have done it all, but still nothing helps the awful acne you hate from the bottom of your heart. Even though you drink a large amount of water every day, workout and eat healthy, still those horrible marks on your face seem unwilling to leave. Make those unwanted tenants disappear completely by choosing a treatment that removes acne permanently, and make this spring the last one you had to think about them. Consider getting an acne treatment in Sydney, the one that is famous for its miraculous effects.


In order to get a tight skin you need to grab some weights and exercise. You will not get better-looking arms and legs by hoping to be struck by a miracle. A couple of months before the summer you need to exercise every day for twenty minutes and you are ready to go. If you have a 20 minute cardio exercise and walk at least half an hour every day, you will get a killer of legs.

In order to get a healthy and glowing skin before the summer of 2016, you need to consider drinking more water and changing your diet into a healthier one, exercising, exfoliating your skin and protecting it from the sun, but if you have a skin condition you need to have it treated before exposing to the summer heat.


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