What’s In My Makeup Bag: Spring Break Part II

Makeup Essentials

Just a quick disclaimer, I didn’t go anywhere special for spring break….just home lol. So, my makeup bag doesn’t have any products that are specifically geared toward a waterproof face, or sun-kissed skin, or even the “no makeup” makeup look…these are just my staple products that I would travel with, regardless of where I’m going.

I’m also not going to include brushes, since I’ll probably do a separate post about that. But, without further ado: my current makeup essentials/fake spring break makeup essentials post.

Above is the introduction to my previous post, where I discussed my makeup essentials for my face, which you can read here. So to avoid too much repetition, let me get into the items I use on my eyes.

Eye Contact

♥ Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad, Go for the Golds ♥

This is a pretty inexpensive drugstore eyeshadow palette, and since this one is neutral, it’s easy to dress up or down. The shadows are very silky and smooth, and very pigmented. I would compare the feeling of these to those of the Lorac Pro palette, which I also own. I find myself reaching for this palette more than my Lorac palette, or any of my other ones. Even though the finish of the first, second, and third shadows is very satiny, and appear to be very shiny, they are not overwhelming on the lids. So, again, they are easy to wear on a regular basis, or smoke out with the darker number four shade.

E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner, Black ♥

I stopped wearing eyeliner every day because my eyes are small and I felt like it was closing them up. When I don’t wear eyeshadow though, I like to sport a cat eye, and this is my tool of choice. This eyeliner isn’t waterproof by any means, so I wouldn’t recommend this for beachgoers or any water activities (for that I would opt for the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner – I’ll probably post about this separately since I don’t have a formal impression of it). But, this is my all time favourite eyeliner, and for $1, who can complain??????????

♥ L’oreal Voluminous Miss Manga, …whatever the darkest one is  + Clinique High Impact Mascara, Black ♥

I talked about the Miss Manga in my secret to sky high lashes post, and nothing has changed. This mascara is BOMB, and I won’t be switching from it any time soon. The shape of the brush allows for all of the lashes to be reached, and it coats everything very evenly while still lengthening.

I usually use this in conjunction with some other mascara, for the time being I have been using the Clinique High Impact mascara, for lengthening. Sometimes, I use this one on its own since it does a good job with thickening. The brush is thick and fat, so it’s able to coat the lashes very well.

Well, that’s it really. I’ve been keeping my face a lot simpler than before, and I’ve been working on cutting down on the products I use.

Let me know what you think!



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