How to Get Motivated

Love Yourself

Ever find yourself just completely unable to start something? Have you ever found yourself sitting with an assignment or project for hours, but not making any progress? How about taking a step back and asking yourself, “what’s the point?” Well, you’re not alone! Many people arrive at this juncture at least once in their lives. What juncture is that?

Lost motivation!

Personally speaking, I struggle with this frequently, especially because my depression tends to work in a cyclical nature. There are times when I am on top of the world, and others when I feel like the world is on my shoulders and I just want to toss it off and go to sleep. Despite that feeling, life doesn’t stop, so I have to find ways to push through in spite of that. With that being said, here are some personal tips I use to re-gain motivation when I am in a slump 🙂

♥ Write down what needs to get done ♥

There are things we want to get done, and there are things that need to happen. Sometimes, things get overwhelming and the sheer thought of having to deal with everything causes me to shut down. When this happens, I find that writing down the things that absolutely have to get done (homework, appointments, other assignments, etc) and prioritizing them helps me get a clearer picture of what is important, and how much time I have to do it.

♥ Write down what you want to get done (in the next week or two) ♥

Now that you have priorities out of the way, try writing down some things you want to get done in the very short term. These can be goals, other non-important assignments, etc…

For me, this usually takes the form of extra assignments I put on myself. For example, in school, I’m working on my own independent research project. Once I have assignments for my classes out of the way, as well as other tasks related to the completion of my major, I can focus on reading literature related to that or designing a measure. Again, these are things that aren’t required of you, or are not as immediately important.

♥ Write down what you want to get done (in the next year or so) ♥

If you can, because I know it can be difficult to think an hour ahead…let alone a whole year. Think about any goals that you’d like to get done within this time frame. I know that they say that part of good goal setting requires that they are specific, but sometimes too much specificity leads to disappointment (at least for me). To avoid the disappointment, I tend to just make a note of what the goal is, and what smaller things need to happen in order for it to get done. That way, if I don’t get to the overall goal but still accomplish the little feats leading up to them, there is still some sense of accomplishment.

♥ Think of one thing that keeps you going (and think hard) ♥

Again, I know this is easier said than done, but try to think really hard! There is always one thing, no matter how small, that keeps us all going when we choose to continue to do whatever (whether it be wake up, shower, eat, or something else). Hone in on this, and don’t let it go. This is what you can turn to whenever you fall into this slump to kick start your climb back to the top.

For example, when all else is seemingly going wrong for me, something I have always grasped onto are my academics and career aspirations. Constantly building your knowledge base is never a bad thing, and always striving to improve in your career (or build yourself so that you can obtain the career you want) is never a bad thing either.

♥ Think of small things you can do for yourself that make you feel good ♥

Something I was told to do was to “think of things you can do to be self-loving.” These are small things you can do for yourself that keep you at least minimally refreshed. These things can re-energize you and make you feel good for at least a little while, which can help get you through the day (or at least through whatever you need to do).

For me, some of these things include: doing my makeup in the morning (this forces me to try to look nice instead of letting myself fall apart look like an oversized potato sack), listening to songs that make me happy (like “Animals” by Baths), and taking walks.

♥ Remind yourself it’s okay ♥

Last, but not least (and certainly not least important), allow yourself to break down sometimes. No one can operate on full 100% of the time! It’s okay to admit that you’re run down, and to let yourself just throw up your hands and say “f*ck it!” sometimes. This doesn’t mean you have to stay that way though 🙂 Allow yourself the time to be broken, then pick up the pieces and get back to it!

Hopefully these tips were of some help!




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