Aliexpress MOBB Hair First Thoughts 

**As written on Aliexpress**

“This is only my second time ordering extensions, but I know that in the future whenever I order, I will stick to this shop! The price was amazing for 4 bundles and a closure, and the shipping was SUPER fast. I live in New York, and ordered this hair on a Saturday and received it the Friday of that week (a couple days earlier than the projected delivery date). What topped it all off was the great communication from Jason, who checked to make sure my address was correct before shipping, notified me when my product shipped, as well as wishing a fast delivery. He even included pictures of the hair before it was sent out to me. All in all, based solely off of the ordering and shipping experience, I give 5 stars. I’ll have another review once I actually install the hair 😊”

See review here:

So to summarize:


  • This hair shipped EXTRA fast. As I stated above, I placed my order on February 27th I believe, and received it that Friday, March 4th. In my opinion, that is pretty fast considering the hair is shipping from China. It actually came earlier than expected, as the expected delivery date was a couple of days earlier than expected

Customer Service/Communication

  • Customer service makes or breaks purchases for me. With Aliexpress shops sometimes scrutinized for their products, as well as service at times, I was highly impressed with this shop. The owner, Jason, communicated with me via AliExpress throughout the duration of my order to ensure that everything went well. He was extremely kind, and very prompt in his responses.
  •  First, I was messaged as notification that the order had passed AliExpress processing, and to confirm that the address I had on file was correct 


  • Then, I was sent another message right before the order was set to ship out to notify me of such, and a picture of the packages hair was included (looked exactly how it was pictured when I opened the package.


  • Then, in wrapping up our correspondence, I was given some hair care tips



  • Now, for the best part. For a 14″ free part lace closure, and 4 bundles of Brazilian hair (14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″), I paid…..$124.00. YUP!!!!! I haven’t seen that anywhere, so if not for any other reason, hit this up for these prices. 

  All in all, as far as placing the order, I give MOBB Hair a 5/5. The shipping is fast, the prices are great, and the customer service is fantastic.

I’ll have an update once I actually get my hair done!



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