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Trying to keep things semi-consistent regarding posting, so I figured I would try out a first impressions post as I wear this LA Girl Matte Finish Pigment Gloss.

There were released a few months back (while matte lip glosses and lipsticks were shoving themselves down the makeup worlds throat). I took particular interest in these since, as I’ve established a couple of times on here, I love beauty supply store makeup.

Unfortunately, my local beauty supply stores weren’t carrying them (since they usually catch onto things pretty late). Luckily, I have my beauty supply store plug 🙄 so I was able to snag a few. The shades I picked up were: from left to right, backstage, secret, and rebel (all shades I usually gravitate toward). 

For testing purposes, I decided to wear Backstage, a deep red/berry like colour. It’s usually described as being more berry like, as it appears in the swatch, but on my lips it looks closer to red. This could be because I only applied 2 layers though. 


“Backstage” in natural lighting

Please ignore my face, I was in a rush doing my makeup and didn’t get to apply the proper amounts of moisture to my face following my extremely mattifying primer 😓

Anyway, I applied this at about 2:15 PM, and it lasted until I washed my face well into the early morning (1 AM or so). This lasted through drinking water, tea, eating, and having pizza. Some of it did come off a little while I ate pizza, but that’s because of the oil (the product does say itself that an oil based makeup remover is needed to take this off)

Longevity: It’s definitely long lasting! This stuff does not budge…at all. I tried to rub off some of the product from the top parts of my lip while I was out since I realized I applied it kind of weird, and nothing came off. Nothing. It was stuck. The only way you’re getting this stuff off is with oil. 

Pigmentation: The pigmentation on these (well the one I wore) is pretty good. Upon applying, it is a bit thin and watery, but that is no indication of the pigmentation of the gloss itself. Once it dries, the product is pretty opaque. The colour payoff per swipe of product is pretty good as well. You won’t find yourself putting on 8 layers of this in order to have a decent application.

Application: The actual application of this is the only place where some points were lost. For starters, I’m not a big fan of the applicator 

Not sure how well you can tell from the picture, but the applicator is basically a flat fuzzy piece. I prefer doe-foot applicators for lip products like these since the application tends to be more precise. For spreading the gloss across the lips, fine, but for more precision when I got to the top curved parts of my lips, this applicator gave me some problems.

The consistency of the product is also a bit annoying in my opinion. It applies very liquidy and sheer, so I was under the impression it wasn’t going to be even. However, it dries very fast as well, so trying to adjust and fix the application was annoying as well. The final look makes up for that all though.

Feel: As with many matte products, drying is often a complaint. I didn’t experience any significant drying on my lips with this on. As a matter of fact, the gloss remained sticky on my lips even hours after applying, but still never budged. I am not sure if this has to do with the fact that I applied my lip moisturizer under it, but I don’t find this gloss drying on the lips. 

Overall,  I’d highly recommend these glosses! The color selection is nice considering its from the beauty supply store, and the quality is amazing for $5 or under.

Go get you some 👌🏾👌🏾


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