Deadpool Review

As far as Marvel movies (and superhero movies for that matter) go, this was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t your “characters have some vice and work through it virtuously to save the world” story, it was kind of an anti-hero movie…if that’s a thing…and I really enjoyed it.

First, I love how shady the whole movie was toward the X-Men universe (which Reynolds was in [Wolverine] and was displeased with the handling of his character), Marvel/superhero movies, and even Green Lantern. The little jabs sprinkled throughout the film killed me! Secondly, the sarcasm and other jokes directed at characters in the film were equally as funny, though I will say that some of the jokes were excessive and distasteful (rape/sexual assault/etc).

All in all, I thought it was an interesting and clever movie, and I’m excited to see what becomes of the Deadpool franchise (which I’m sure there will be).

My grade: 8/10

Go see it!



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