You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado| Deadpool: My Impression 

As far as Marvel movies (and superhero movies for that matter) go, this was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t your “characters have some vice and work through it virtuously to save the world” story, it was kind of an anti-hero movie…if that’s a thing…and I really enjoyed it.

First, I love how shady the whole movie was toward the X-Men universe (which Reynolds was in [Wolverine] and was displeased with the handling of his character), Marvel/superhero movies, and even Green Lantern. The little jabs sprinkled throughout the film killed me! Secondly, the sarcasm and other jokes directed at characters in the film were equally as funny. However, the humor wasn’t overwhelming given the fact that 1) Ryan Renolds is the same way in my opinion so it wasn’t too out of place, and 2) it was balanced well with the action and…romance? If romance is the word you want to use.

All in all, I thought it was an interesting and clever movie, and I’m excited to see what becomes of the Deadpool franchise (which I’m sure there will be). 

My grade: 8-9.5/10

Go see it!


They’re Not Just for Old Women| Wigs

Greetings 🖖🏾

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’m on a sort of hair journey since 1) I accidentally chopped off the back of my hair, 2) I can’t figure out what to do with my hair next, and 3) I’m getting really tired of dealing with my natural hair in all honestly (more on this another time). As a result, I’ve decided to go on a protective styling break indefinitely. I kind of started doing that (or preparing myself to at least) back in December/January by installing crochet braids:

BUT, these came after I started playing around with wigs! You heard it right…I said wigs. Now, in this day and age, the mention of “wig” shouldn’t instill fear in you. The kind of fear that would ripple over your body when you saw your grandma extract the furry beasts she interchanged every Sunday for church. The shiny, glossy helmets of plastic that made eyebrows everywhere raise. These days, wigs are a go to for many, and they look pretty damn good. If you don’t believe me, take a look below:


See that? Wig. By Tokyo Stylez. Magic. Boom. If you don’t believe me, look at that one that many of you seem to love. The younger Jenner with the fish lips. But I digress…

While I would love to invest in one of those, or even another virgin hair one, right now my college sized pockets are keeping me on synthetic lace fronts. Now, normally this would sound like a bad idea, but I think I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I’ve decided that personally, I’m going to stick with curly or kinky hair since I love big hair. So, my first “experiment” was from Sensationnel, and her name was/is “Evelyn”

Sensationnel Synthetic Lace Front Wig Empress Edge L Part 

I purchased her in a colour 4, and this is what she looked like on me after some adjusting:

This is a really nice one, I’m just not a fan of the part, even after fixing it. Or the way the top of the hair lays. Also, the hair was dense, so it made me really hot. This is why I decided to get myself another curly one. This time, it is from the brand “It’s A Wig” and her name is…well, its..I don’t like this name so this won’t be a she…but anyway, it’s name is “Camera” and it looks like this:


After trying it on and fluffing it out, I think I’m going to make this my default (sorry Evelyn). I like that there’s no visible part on this and it looks a lot more natural to me. Plus the hair is extremely soft, light, and it doesn’t seem to tangle easily. I’ll do an individual post about this at some point.

I also got another one from Isis Collection: RCP717 Afro Kinky 18″


I know I’m going to have to do something with this one, as I’ve purchased it before but didn’t like the colour. Once it’s manipulated, it looks really beautiful and natural. But again, it takes some playing around with. 

Well, that’s it for now. Just sharing some hair rants!

Have any of you worn wigs? Any tips for me?

-Courtenay ✌🏾️

Hair Journey 2016| The hair in the back of my head is gone 

Hey there!

So, here’s the deal: I tried to start getting into the protective style game in December by wearing crochet braids

All was well, and they served their purpose, but alas the time came to take them down. Everything was fine until I chopped off the back of my hair cutting the hair out 🙃

I was devastated! That’s about 4.5 inches and 3 years of growth…gone! So here’s what I’m left with:

Overall, it isn’t too bad I guess since the rest of my hair came out okay, but I realized something else when I took it out: it’s not exactly growing anymore/it’s not any thicker

So I’m making a vow to grow heal their hair by protective styling for the next few months to a year, and paying better attention to the overall health of my hair. I think I’m good with everything except that my hair doesn’t have enough protein, and I need to do better with trimming my ends. I plan to protective style primarily through wearing wigs, but possibly also sew ins, and probably braids as well.

What have my naturals out there been doing to keep your hair healthy?


Melancholy Mondays| How to Survive…or how I do at least 

Happy Monday everyone 😒 Can you sense the enthusiasm?

To relieve the misery that is the beginning of the week, I’d like to discuss some things that make me happy, or that have been at least. After enduring a long, class filled day, these things really help to wind me down. Maybe you’ll like them too?

TV & Other Entertainment

  • Daria: Daria is an animated show which first aired in the late 90s about Daria Morgendorffer, me in animated form. But no, basically it follows her and her cynicism as she navigates through high school, her peers, and adults in the fictional suburb of Lawndale. It’s definitely not for everyone since the humor is pretty dry and sarcastic, but I love it. She is me. I am her.
  • The Blacklist: I don’t even know how to describe the show so I’ll leave that up to you, but if you like government conspiracies, action, and lovable high profile criminals, this ones for you. It airs Thursday’s at 9 on NBC….watch it.
  • B Horror Movies: there’s something about cheesy cliche horror flicks that I can’t help but love. I’ve found myself constantly tuning into one of these gems on Netflix or Hulu every time I’m bored.


  • Banana, kale, and almond milk smoothies: they’re healthy and they taste good! What more can I say?
  • Tea: tea is always great – it helps with sickness, has the potential to energize, can help put you to sleep, help your stomach along if you aren’t pooping….there’s so much! My favourites have been the Pumpkin Spice Brûlée from Teavana and Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe’s

(Photo via


  • Ruby Kisses Maracuja Kiss Stick in Black Honey: I keep saying everyone’s sleeping on beauty supply makeup (but I low key hope people keep doing it so I’ll keep finding what I need when I want it)! These are honestly amazing. Great opaque colour without excessive shine, and fantastic moisture. Plus, they’re never more than $4. Win.

What little things help you all get through Monday?

✌🏾️ Courtenay ✌🏾️

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