Welcome back!| See, what had happened was…

Hey there everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written on here, and I genuinely apologize. This blog was created at a time when I was going through a very personally rough time, and it served as a great outlet that allowed me to meet really amazing people and cope. However, it was not enough. I took some additional steps in order to better myself, and as a result spent more time working on personal growth outside myself. In other words, I tried to work more on immersing myself back into social situations and the like rather than relying on the web and things of that nature to make me feel better. Thus, courtenays beauty box fell into stagnation.

With all of the growth I’ve been experiencing though, I thought that now would be a great time for me to come back to blogging and bring some new content and perspectives to the table.

With that being said, I’m hoping to expand things on here so that it encompasses “beauty” in all regards: makeup, skin, nails, hair (external)…and self-esteem, personal growth, and mindfulness among other topics (internal). Hope that’s alright 😊

Anyway, I genuinely hope that my absence hasn’t diminished the friendships I’ve made on here, and I hope to get back to talking to you all! I’m also back on Twitter and Instagram if you want to link back up with me on there.

Hope to get back in touch with you all! How was everyone’s New Year? Any plans for the upcoming month? Tell me about it in the comments.

✌🏾️ Court ✌🏾️