Sinful Colors Sinful Shine 2 Step Shine Manicure Review

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Hey there everyone!

Coming at you tonight with a quick review/update on the Sinful Colors Sinful Shine 2 Step Manicure in “Prosecco” via my Influenster Homecoming Voxbox.

The Sinful Colors Sinful Shine 2 Step Manicure is a relatively new addition to the Sinful Colors family. It isn’t unlike other manicure systems that have been hitting the drugstores as of late (think Sally Hansen Miracle Gel). It features a step one, the colour, and a step two, a special top coat. This system doesn’t make any promises to provide lasting colour per se, as most gel manicure systems do, but it does offer to deliver “added shine and wear.”

For starters, the colour is beautiful. I would describe it as a golden champagne, unless you are familiar with the look of actual prosecco (even though prosecco and champagne are essentially the same, minus their region of origin and a few other differences – but that’s not the topic of discussion here!) Again, the base colour is a neutral/champagne(ish) colour with small golden flecks. The flecks are not chunky in any way, shape, or form, and they aren’t especially big either. They are present enough to add some dimension to the polish without coming across as tacky.

This colour in particular was fairly opaque in my opinion. Sinful Colours, like other brands, will have colours that are very opaque, but also those that are sheer and require multiple coats to get the desired look. This was fair in its application. One to two coats was enough to cover my nail as desired, but one could add a third just for that extra oomph.

The consistency of the polish was nice as well. I didn’t have any problems with any stickiness, nor did I have problems with streaking of any kind. All in all, the application process was nice. There isn’t much to say about the top coat. It added a nice layer of shine, was neither too thick nor too thin, and did not peel or chip LIKE THE SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE GEL TOP COAT. The dry time for both of these processes was not long at all. I’d say about 2-3 minutes top, and that’s me being cautious.

As far as the wear, the polish performed pretty well in my opinion for a drugstore manicure system. It kind of almost made it to two weeks, and most of the wear came from chipping at the tops of my nails induced by vigorous hand and dishwashing. The wear at the bottom was just from my nails growing. I will say that the quality of my nails is not at its best, so my nails breaking and peeling at the tips probably contributed to the chipping as well.

All in all, I think I would purchase this polish again, and am eager to purchase other shades as well! Let me know if you have tried this polish 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Sinful Shine 2 Step Shine Manicure Review

  1. I’ve tried this nail polish, and I definitely had the same problems as you, mine started shipping the first week. but I would purchase it again because I love the colors that they had. it compliments my skin tone well.

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  2. thank you for singing the praises of Prosecco polish, girl !!! I’m in love with this shade and i want it to stick around !!! Many times, when a color is exciting and unique, you see it — then you don’t. I sooo don’t want my favorite color to disappear !! It’s beautiful, it’s chic, it’s subtle, it’s understated — it’s every danged thing. I’m actualy going out on a quest tomorrow to try and track down some more. It’s already vanishing — tried two stores and came up dry. Trying Target and Walmart tomorrow. Are those good sources ? I’m determined to store up a supply cuz i know the drought will be upon me soon (if it’s not already here.). And it does wear well. Even better, when it does give way at the tips, it’s not obvious since the taupe-ish color is similar to skin color (mine anyway)…. so it all blends as one unless you’re up real close, in which case, back up.


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