Finally Friday| PICK MY STYLE! New fashion/styling app

Pick my style (2)

We’ve all been there ladies…one hour until you’re supposed to leave for that special night out —- makeup on fleek, hair on point…you’re just feeling the hell out of yourself. Only one problem — you can’t settle on something to wear. Oh what to do?!?!

Fear not! There’s a solution….PICK MY STYLE.

You may be asking, “now Courtenay, what the hell is PICK MY STYLE?”

Allow me to enlighten you 🙂

This VERY new style app affords you the ability to have your own team of style advisors right in your back pocket without dropping a dime. Who are they? The world.

Which shoes look better? Is this shirt worth the splurge? Does this outfit suit my shape? Get these questions answered and more through feedback from the style community. Users from all over the world (including yourself) have the ability to provide straightforward, but kind opinions on all style needs with this chic app.

Pick my style

It has features that aren’t unlike apps of this nature, but still manage to provide a simple method for users to interact. For example, if you ever find yourself grappling with an outfit idea, post it! Users will be able to give you feedback via the “Pick” or “Kick” feature. See how many “picks” you can get 😉

If you really love something someone has posted, you can save it as well!

pick my style 3

pick my style 4

If that doesn’t interest you, think about all of those times you’ve been caught between two different items when trying to make a fashion purchase or put an outfit together. Pretty frustrating, right? PICK MY STYLE has made the process of choosing a bit easier for you by allowing you to pair two items together with the “VS” (versus) feature. Here, you put the two items head to head, and the PICK MY STYLE community decides which item gets the glory and which gets the axe.

pick my style 1

pick my style 5

So whether it be an entire outfit, a fashion item, or a trend you’ve been feeling lately, there’s no need to fret when making choices. PICK MY STYLE is the perfect app for those indecisive folks out there (such as myself), and fashionistas (and fashionistos) who want to explore what’s trending around the globe. Keep yourself in the know with your “personal stylist on the go.” See what I did there?

The app is still in its infancy stages, but it has a lot to offer. I definitely think it’s worth a download, and I can’t wait to see what other updates and features are included as more versions get released.

pick my style 2

Check it out for yourself here on the Google Play store and here on the App Store. You can also like them on Facebook!




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